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    Pop and Burst! Those deadly ninja’s have invaded your dojo and must pop your way through some insane Ninja filled action.

    Your beautiful dojo is being spoiled by this plague of deadly ninja! It’s driving you insane! Now is the time for you to take your revenge, show them no mercy and burst your way out of madness!

    Splat those pesky Ninja in 80 fun filled puzzle arcade action levels and show them no mercy!

    Features include:

    Fantastic graphics that will leave you bursting for more.
    Simple 1 button gameplay, anyone can play this game!
    Killer soundtrack!
    80 levels of nasty ninja chaos puzzle arcade action.
    Squashing and bursting ninja has never been so addictive!
    Have a riot clearing your dojo from these rotten pests!

    Download game HERE!

    This is a 100% indie game, so your support really counts! Every review or purchase helps me to live my dream of making great games that people love.

The super hit game A Ninja Saga - Chain Reaction Battles is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!
    Splat and destroy the ninja as they create chaos through 80 levels!

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    100% Indie Game!
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    While we welcome the announcement of your new game, the only links allowed in a game announcement are a direct link to the game in the App Store and/or a YouTube link showing the gameplay. Social media links are not allowed.

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