A new Apple patent describes an iPhone/iPad “smart dock†with Siri capabilities

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    The USPTO has recently published an Apple patent application that describes a Siri-enabled “Smart Dock” which can connect to an iPhone or an iPad. First discovered by AppleInsider, the patent description says that the Smart Dock will have many components, including a housing, connector, microphone, speakers, and a touch screen.

    Apple's "Smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device" patent filing is described like this on the USPTO website:

    Lance Whitney with Cnet explains how the smart dock would work:

    Thus, the Smart Dock could be used as a clock with an alarm built-in or, even more, it could have add-ons like a detachable hard disk, accelerometer or temperature sensors and even a GPS sensor. The newly discovered patent also suggest that the dock could become a wireless AirPlay/Bluetooth speaker, as well.

    If this patent becomes a real product, then the basic docking solutions that are currently limited to charging and line-out audio will soon have more functions, as the proposed dock would have a screen, tactile controls and even a touch panel with which a user can interact.

    Source: AppleInsider, Cnet
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