800,000 free Android tablets to Thai primary school student?

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    最近最為人津津樂道的一件事是為泰黨副主席卡那瓦(Kanawat Wasinsangworn)很肯定地說 "我们将会肯定的得到政府的支援"(We will definitely receive funding from the government")以实现承诺一个小学生一个平板电脑(one tablet per child" promise to distribute 800,000 of the computers to each primary school student at a total cost of 4 billion baht.)

    好! 但是问题是:
    1) 缺乏以泰文为主的阅读内容(A shortage of Thai content will likely be a key barrier to e-reading among children)

    2)缺乏足够的Wifi 和3G硬体设施,特别在乡村地区(use of wireless broadband will be limited due to a lack of WiFi and 3G services, especially in rural areas)

    但David Lyman( CEO of the law firm Tilleke & Gibbins) 质疑這種以揠苗助长的方式,來解決英語及數學水準低落的問題,是否會弊多于利?(These moves are aimed at solving the issue of the lack of skills in both foreign languages and mathematics among our children." )




    1) Pheu Thai moves to fulfill tablet

    2) Has this scheme really been really thought out

    3) Malaysia to end teaching math and science in English
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