8-10 Million iPads sold in 2010

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 29, 2010.

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    I don't live anywhere near a Apple store, so I guess I'll be in that waiting from home line till I decide to either order on line or make a road trip.

    It's hard to say when they will be caught up with all the pre-orders and will be able to just service the walk-in's and the internet orders again.

    Oh well...my bad!!!

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    Apple's retail channels information

    Dana, I understand your frustration let me explain Apples system. Apple's On line store World wide including Australia is a separate retail business that is they supply to retail orders on line only.

    Apple has several retail channels which include Authorised resellers like Best Buy whom have been allocated product by Apple direct The only issue is what is the total count of product provided to that channel reseller or how many they have ordered . Other channels are government, Education and through distributers to resellers whom do not buy from Apple direct .

    The fact that Apple store ran out means their allocation has been filled which has nothing to do with Best Buy as they buy from Apple direct not from the retail store. I have been a reseller since 1993 also associated with Apple when I lived in usa since 1978 so please understand I am 99% positive this is correct. The selling model in Australia is the same model in USA.

    Your choice is order from the Apple store on line and wait or order from Best Buy or from one of the Apple owned retail stores. If you cannot get there phone them and place your order thats if thats possible or drive to pick one up.
    Apple on line ( Apple owned on line store)Same in Australia
    Apple retail stores are stores owned by Apple but not same as on-line different channel ( to the best of my knowledge as stated by an Apple employee here in Aus)
    Retail stores like Best Buy - Is an in-depended retailer owned by Best Buy and order from Apple direct.

    Hope you get your ipad

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