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    OK... funny thing. I got my iPad and used it with great success (appart for a failed jailbreak and a few crashes during heavy syncs, but we don't need to get into those...) For the first 2 or 3 months I synced all my pictures perfectly, I don't think a single one failed me. Which really surprised me considering some of the larger ones. I was loading 5000 x 5000 pictures in seconds, where it would usually take minutes to fully load on my Tower. I find the pinch-zoom feature works fantastically with these massive pictures, because you can get as much or as little detail as you want with a flick of touch (I had a lot of fun with infographs during this period...)

    Then my sister got her Macbook Pro. Good machine, I was quite envious, but that's not the source of my problem. She got a free iPod Touch 2nd Gen with the laptop, but said she didn't really feel like using it, so she gave it to me as a birthday present.

    I sync it, decide to transfer as much as I can of what I was using on my Pad. Of course there are limitations, my pad is the 64 Gig model and the Touch is just 8 gigs. I decided to primarily use the Touch for music, apps, and pictures. Problem was... as the first sync is finishing, I get an error pop-up, something about a picture that can't be viewed on the Touch.

    I checked it out, and I assumed it was that the picture was too big, so I remove it. I try to sync again, and another picture gets the error message, I remove that one, but again... all in all I would say that 15% of my pictures weren't syncing, and that's out of a collection of over 1000. And he warns of the problem for each picture, one... picture... at a time...

    Another problem was that until now I had been using the same folder for both the Pad and the Touch, but now that I was butchering the folder I decided to copy the whole thing. Box 1 was for the iPad, keeping all of the folders, Box 2 would have a copy of all the pictures that the Touch would accept. Yes that made a lot of doubles, but whatever, I have the memory to spare.

    All should have been well and good from now on (I can live with a faulty iPod Touch, since my Million Dollar Baby is the Pad). But the next time I syned my Pad, every single picture that was reporting an error with the Touch was now reporting one with my Pad. These pictures had zero problem prior to me getting that Touch, and now they are un-syncable.

    And that's not the worst of it, the problem actually seems to be exacerbating as time goes on. I think that I'd cleaned up all of the pictures that weren't working, and suddenly a new crop of them pop up, always throwing those error messages with each sync. At the worst of it I had about 300 out of 1175 pictures not syncing.

    And there's no pattern that I can discern, the un-syncable files come big and small, and I think in multiple formats. I tried to use alternatives like Goodreader or Dropbox, but they each have their own problems.

    It got so bad, and the pop ups were becoming so annoying that I have since stopped loading any pictures what-so-ever to my iPad. It seems like a huge waste not to use that big beautiful screen, but I just can't take it anymore!

    Please, if anyone is familiar with this sort of problem and if you have any kinds of suggestions or potential solutions, please post them here. Sorry if I went a bit overly long in the description of my problem, but I want it clearly expressed and explained so I can have the best chance of getting a clear answer.
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