4K Display Mass-Market Tablets Could Soon be Reality

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    Pocket-lint reports today that the reality of a 4K tablet just got a little bit closer with the launch of a 10.1-inch IPS LCD Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 display panel by Japanese Display Inc.

    JDI has already started shipping samples of the display to interested parties, and hopes that tablet manufacturers will be wanting to use the display on their next generation of tablets.

    “JDI will be pioneering the commercialisation of 4K2K display modules for mobile devices as next-generation flagship models,†said JDI in a statement about the new display panels.

    To put this news in context, Pocket-lint notes that the iPad Air’s Retina display has a 264ppi resolution density, whereas the new JDI display has a 438ppi resolution density. JDI also says that the new display has a contrast ratio of 1,100:1, a viewing angle of 160-degrees, and uses 2,180mW of power.

    Of course we already have 4K TVs, and Panasonic’s 20-inch Toughpad tablet, but this announcement from JDI could pave the way for 4K on mass-market consumer tablets such as the iPad.

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