40 iPads All in a Row in Perfect Sync

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    MacStories has a cool video today, featuring 40 iPads all running in perfect sync with each other and displaying the same whiteboard. The video was sent to the developers of SyncPad, by a customer who was experimenting by running the app on 40 iPads simultaneously on the same Wi-Fi network. Although they certainly look pretty all lined up, like some sort of art display, they were in fact just about to be distributed at a medical convention, where those attending would be able to follow the presentation on their own individual iPads and interact with the person giving the talk and ask questions.

    SyncPad is described on the app’s official blog as “Facetime for drawings,” where all you need is an internet connection to sync up your iPad with other iPads and have them all work together simultaneously as if you were all working on the exact same whiteboard.

    Click here to download SyncPad for $9.99: SyncPad (Remote Whiteboard) for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Source: Here's A Digital Whiteboard Running On 40 iPads Simultaneously, SyncPad on 40 iPads simultaneously
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