3M introduces privacy filters for iPads to keep prying eyes away

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    If you take your iPad with you everywhere you go, especially in meetings, conferences or business rendez-vous, then you know important it is to keep the information on your iPads private. But this time, it’s not a product that secures the digital files inside your iPad, but a physical layer that, once applied on your iPad’s screen, will keep prying eyes aways as only the person who keeps the iPad in its hands will be able to see what’s on the screen.

    3M, a company with a good history in this field, has launched in the market new removable and reusable privacy filters for the Pad. The Easy-On Privacy Filters block people from sneaking looks at iPad screens from the side and they sell for $45 (iPad Mini) and $50 (9.7 inch iPad). To attach the privacy filter to your iPad, you need to use washable adhesive corner tabs that come with the package.

    Nicola Stevens, Business Director at the Specialty Displays & Projection Business Unit of 3M, said:

    The technology that provides protection from unauthorized side views is called the microlouver privacy and is a patented product that has been used in previous models of 3M’s filters. Would you find real use in such a product?

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