3D Touch App Switcher Returns With iOS 11.1 Beta 2

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    MacRumors reports that, just as Apple’s engineering chief, Craig Federighi, promised, the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture has reappeared in iOS 11.1 Beta 2.

    It appears that the feature was “intentionally removed” for the iOS 1 beta testing process, and was still missing when iOS 11 first launched, but now it has been reinstated, just as Federighi said would happen when he responded to a MacRumors reader’s query.

    If you’re not familiar with the gesture, it first appeared in iOS 9, and enables anyone with a 3D-Touch-enabled device to press and use 3D Touch at the edge of the iPhone display to launch the App Switcher. Since the feature was removed, much to the disappointment of many, the only way to launch the App Switcher is the standard method of double-pressing the Home button.

    iOS 11.1 beta 2 is currently only available to developers, but the public beta should be arriving later this week. No word as yet about a public release date.

    Source: iOS 11.1 Beta 2 Brings Back 3D Touch App Switcher
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