3 laptops with itunes on a residential network...

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    Oct 24, 2011
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    the problem started with my iPhone 4 but still exist with my ipAD 2 (Win 7 Ultimate, residential network) ::

    • I installed iTunes 10.5 on all 3 laptops, 2 weeks aparet since the first one stops then the 2° etc...
    • one after the other, 2 weeks apart, they still appear on "my computer" but they do not show on each iTunes
    • I tried to launch and relaunch AppleMobileDevice (which starts & stops within 2 seconds), desinstall Itunes and all Apple software (6 times ) with Revo Uninstaller, registry cleaned. Then clean reinstall :: no way.
    and suddenly on my wife computer it worked : hence I can sync, adjust all parameters , OTA sync etc.. :: it works

    My issue is :: it on my wife computer not on mine ! where all my contacts, music, notes are....

    I do not know how to safely (& efficiently) have only one iTunes (mine) I am the only one using iphone, ipad and iTunes : hence having iTunes only on my laptop woul be Ok but but I am reluctant to eliminate the only iTunes that actaully works, not being sure that it would activate the main Itunes on my main laptop...

    Soneone woul have a solution ?

    Thanks Henri :(

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