3-in-1 camera connection kit

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    Who wants to give me an answer on a very simple question:
    Why the I pad2 SD piece of accesoire dont recognize my SD Cards. Somebody on the forum can help??? Its the first time since Ive got my Ipad2 I;ve tried the kit withe the sd connection piece . Please help, I did not see an answer on this part of rhe forum. Thanks.
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    Jun 6, 2010
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    It is an improvement on the Apple CC kit in that there is one device in place of two. I would still much prefer an SD card slot built into the iPad. I worry about physical damage with a largish device protruding from the iPad and it is easy to loose/forget the CCK.

    I still think that a wireless device would be better. It would have an SD card slot and either a USB (host) port or built in HDD (or 2.5" drive bay) and a companion App to copy files locally (i.e. not over WiFi). The app would also include a photo viewer. This would cost more than the CCK but would be much more useful.

    Such a device would almost certainly be Linux based. I have achieved something like this with a DreamPlug computer, iSSH, Perl script and FileBrowser, but it is a techie solution.

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