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    We've developed a free community iPad only app for the popular TV show and recommendation service and would like to submit this for a review on your site.

    Here is a short description of 2ndScreen for Apple iPad;

    2ndScreen is an iPad client.

    Based on the features provided by Trakt. MDB and Rotten Tomatoes 2ndScreen can;

    * provide movie related info like reviews, actor info and trailers

    * keep a comprehensive history of all tv shows and movies you have watched
    * recommend TV shows and movies based on your viewing history
    * give an insight what TV shows and movies are trending, top box office movies, dvd rentals, etc
    * see what your friends are watching
    * get an overview of all movies an actor performed in
    * support for actions like checkin, seen, watched, loved, add to watchlist, etc

    in version 1.1 retina support for movie posters etc.

    Version 1.0 is available for free in the Apple AppStore.

    More info on;

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