25% of information workers want an iPad and 33% an iPhone

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    In today’s world, working environments have to quickly upgrade in terms of technology, in order to keep pace with the constant changes and evolution of dogma. Forrester’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends report surveyed the working environments of 9,766 of global information workers in order to determine their job habits and what technologies would aid them in completing their working assignments.

    The results were not surprising. According to the research, 21% of the surveyed parties stated that they used a tablet at least once a week in the interest of work, while 48% were using a work related phone.

    Out of the people claiming they used tablets at their jobs, 58% of them choose to do their work on an iPad. Tablets supported by Android and Windows came in at number two and three respectively. However, in the smartphone department, iOS and Android fared out pretty much at the same level, with the Apple operating system snatching 34%, while the Google one 37%. The number three spot was granted to BlackBerry, once one of the most prolific smartphone providers for working professionals. Now its shares dropped to 15%.

    And the survey doesn’t stop here. Forrester polled employees asking what devices they wanted most to use in their work environment. 33% of the peopled polled stated they wanted an iPhone. Android managed to attract 22% of the professionals’ attention, while Windows Phones only got 10%. However, surprisingly enough in the tablet sector, most workers shifted their attention on the Windows powered tablet, 32% of them stating they would rather own one of them. Apple fared honorably enough with 26%.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    And 44% want a Ferrari ;)

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