2018 iPad Pro Models to Have TrueDepth Camera for Face ID

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    KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said in a note to investors issued today that the 2018 iPad Pro models will have a TrueDepth camera and support for Face ID.

    According to Kuo, Apple will be adding TrueDepth cameras to iPad Pro line-up to ensure a consistent high-end user experience with the forthcoming iPhone X, which also has Face ID, of course. Kuo says that “ecosystem development” will also gain from adding Face ID to the iPad Pro range of devices.

    Kuo says that only the iPad Pro will have TrueDepth cameras and Face ID, and not the other iPad models. However, Kuo also expects that all 2018 iPhone models, not just the iPhone X, will have TrueDepth cameras and Face ID.

    Kuo notes that Apple’s wider adoption of TrueDepth cameras and Face ID will lead to many more Android smartphone makers to concentrate on developing facial recognition technology and move completely away from finger-print ID technology. However, Kuo says that Android is so far behind Apple when it comes to facial recognition technology that it will take Android smartphone makers up to 2.5 years to catch up.

    Source: 2018 iPad Pro Models May Feature TrueDepth Camera for Face ID
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