2013 UAE Cancer Congress Report

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    This report on imaging for various types of cancer has been compiled for healthcare professionals or researchers interested in receiving the latest updates from experts in the UAE.

    Imaging technology is essential for screening and detection, diagnosis, and monitoring treatment response and disease progression in order to make informed decisions regarding the management of cancer.

    The UAE Cancer Congress 2013 had a day-long series of lectures devoted to disseminating information about cancer imaging. Imaging technologies and their clinical applications for various types of cancer were discussed by leaders in oncology from the UAE, Egypt, Europe and India.

    Magnetic resonance imaging and mammography for breast cancer, augmented reality systems for lung nodule interventions in lung cancer, x-ray guided transcatheter arterial chemoembolisation, computer-assisted diagnosis, positron emission tomography and computed tomography, as well as imaging applications in hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer and lymphoma were presented. Staging and restaging are essential tasks for improving mortality rates by facilitating targeted treatments, while avoiding overtreatment. Similarly, imaging modalities used for screening and detection continue to enable treatment initiation at earlier stages of disease that precede metastasis, and this saves lives.

    An overview of imaging for various types of cancer is presented as a topical highlight report of the UAE Cancer Congress 2013.


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