12.9-inch iPad Chips Reportedly to be Made by TSMC

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    The production of an iPad is an elaborate process which involves a number of companies. And since we're talking about such a popular product, obviously, there's big competition between suppliers to sign contracts with Apple.

    According to a fresh report coming from DigiTimes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has will produce Apple's A8X chip that will be featured in the company's upcoming 12.9-inch iPad. While the publication doesn't refer to it as the 'iPad Pro', it says that the processors will be intended for "Apple's next-generation iPad to be released in early 2015".

    So, if tomorrow we're going to see the new iPad Air and revamped iPad Mini, then it makes sense to assume in early 2015 we're going to witness the launch of the iPad Pro. This corroborates with previous reports coming from Taiwan's TechNews.

    Of course, there's also the chance that Apple could postpone the launch of one of the new iPads, but this is highly unlikely, since the company will miss the highly lucrative holiday season.

    It seems that the chip is being manufactured with the same 20-nanometer process used for the A8 chip that is found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The publication does point out that A8X's bigger system-on-a-chip may create potential yield rate issues for TSMC, as it's dealing with a new component.

    With so many recent 'iPad Pro' rumors piling up, do you still believe Apple will be conservative or it will really unveil a new size in early 2015?

    Source: DigiTimes

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