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This is a discussion on Airprinting within the Productivity Apps Forum forums, part of the iPad App Store category; Hi, I have recently purchased a Kodak Hero 9.1 WIFI printer , foolishly I thought it would print documents from my Ipad as it stated ...

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Thread: Airprinting

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    I have recently purchased a Kodak Hero 9.1 WIFI printer, foolishly I thought it would print documents from my Ipad as it stated you can print photos with Airprint, which it does.

    I have been looking around the different Apps and found the Print n Share Pro @ 6.99, and wondered if this will be compatable with my Koadak printer?

    Has anyone used this app?, and with the Kodak Hero 9.1 printer.

    Thanks Peter

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    Hm, all I see in the specs is Google Cloud print, which isn't the same thing as Airprint. I believe the Print n Share app you are talking about offers a free (limited) trial verison, so that you can make sure it works with your printer. Check the App Store.

    This is a bit out of date, but things haven't changed a whole lot:

    Some printers are directly compatible with AirPrint on the iPad. If you want this feature be absolutely certain the printer supports AirPrint before buying. Some printers may require a firmware update to work. These are usually available on the manufacturers site. If you get this kind of printer you can print directly from within apps that support the feature, which is many.

    AirPrint Basics

    Of course some of us already have printers and do not want to buy a new one. There are several ways to do this.

    One is to use a printing app on the iPad.

    Most (or all) printing apps can only print pictures and/or files that have been copied to that app via Open In or another method. Several printer manufacturers have their own apps for their printers. In general those apps will probably have the best results, quality wise.

    Another method is to load a program on the computer that will emulate an AirPrint compatible printer. Your computer must be on and have the printer available to it. The cheapest (free) is Airprint Activator. More features can be had with FingerPrint (mac and windows) and Printopia (mac only).

    Printopia - Ecamm Network
    FingerPrint - Collobos Software
    How to Install AirPrint Activator for Windows?

    A few printers (mostly HP's again) can be set up with their own email address. PDF attachments can be sent via this address to be printed. The last review I saw (many months ago) said it could be quite slow (big files not recommended), and sometimes the emails got lost and never printed. The advantage was that you could literally send/print from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    For small business owners and those with more than one printer who would like all their printers to work, but don't want to leave a computer on all the time. The Lantronix XPrintServer is a small box that connects to your network and is supposed to detect and make all your wireless printers available to iOS as AirPrint printers. I haven't seen a full review on it yet, so do your research.

    Some NetGear router models support NetGear Genie, which will add AirPrint support for printers on your network. If the printer is not wireless, it must be shared on the network, and the computer it is connected to must be on.

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    Hi Peter - Twerppoet has already provided you comments and valuable advise so not sure that I can add much - but checking Apple's AirPrint support article HERE, your printer is not even listed. For nearly 2 yrs, I've been using FingerPrint (link provided in the previous post) w/ my non-AirPrint printers (Canon InkJet & Brother laser) w/o a problem, so just another considertion for you - NOW, keep in mind that for FingerPrint, the program resides on you computer (nothing needed on the iPad) and both need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. If you are trying to print from the iPad directly to a printer w/o an intervening computer & a common Wi-Fi network, then that would require another solution. Please let us know if that is an issue -


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