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Tablets are not meant for productivity?

This is a discussion on Tablets are not meant for productivity? within the Off-Topic forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Reading around the web, there is a bunch of articles stating that tablets are of no use as a productivity tool. On the other hand, ...

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    Tablets are not meant for productivity?

    Reading around the web, there is a bunch of articles stating that tablets are of no use as a productivity tool. On the other hand, there are as many articles stating the opposite... But all of them have the same point of view, an absolute one...

    It's always the same thing: They are useless or they saved my life! Come on, it's just a device that has neat features, that"s all...

    Tablets were made for media consumption mostly. Actually, they were media players before the touch screen. Some other were gaming devices... But the users wanted more like browsing the net, reading emails, taking pictures, etc...

    Basically, a tablet is fusion of a Nintendo DS, a PSP, a Palm, a Mp3 player, a digital camera and a dvd player. Once the perfect mix was found, there it was: the Tablet!

    From a professional point of view, such a device can do:
    - EMail followup
    - Task managing
    - Note taking
    - Videoconferences, IM, virtual meetings
    - light document writing
    - Document reviewing
    - Calendar and contacts

    And maybe some others too... Those features were integrated for casual use and in no way of replacing a laptop/netbook/desktop.

    Some people may have all they need with such features, and some others will miss something that only a laptop can provide. It's a matter of what you personnaly need at work and using the right tool.

    What's the use of finding out that a tablet is not the tool you need and shouting all over the world about it? Are we doing that when finding out that a small car is not powerful enough and we need a truck?

    - A laptop can replace a desktop
    - A smartphone can replace a PDA and a cellphone, or even a landline phone
    - A Boxee, an Apple TV can replace a dvd player
    - A laptop, smartphone, tablet can replace pen and paper
    - etc...

    Whatever what is replacing what, it's a matter of selecting the proper tool for the job we need to do. No device is useless. There is only the user that can be right or wrong, with his choices.

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