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Jun 1, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
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Jun 1, 2010
    1. DG~X
      Hmm...yea it hard..have you found me now?
    2. DG~X
      Play Chess - Free Online Chess Games - Chess.com

      Theres the site. Im DG-X there.( of course) You can find me... by going to members. Then search my name. Try catching me online, we can have a live match.:)Try to catch me online here so i can help if you need, it. To some it up, CATCH ME ONLINE.lol.
    3. DG~X
      Well the website is chess.com I've recently been playing there, yeah i play. Im pretty good but no pro.
    4. DG~X
      Also i found a new forum that plays chess. The forum is like the most active one ive seen ever..has chat, do you play chess?
    5. DG~X
      Alright, i miss them. My friend has an account there that i know the password to, but i really dont feel like seeing wiichat again.lol.
    6. DG~X
      I have noticed that, could you try to bring some of the guys over here?
    7. DG~X
      I would have left if that was the case..posting is half the fun.

      Yeah...i hope KingBowser comes here...also Sking,Spyro king, etc. A kid can dream, right?
    8. DG~X
      You have been there for a while, and barely posted...what did you do when i wasn't there?

      Thats too bad for the others. I didn't know i did that of an effect on wiichat. I hope they come over here:)
    9. DG~X
      yeah... i dont know. I really see no future in wiichat. A new nintendo system will come out in the next 4 years. Still thats no reason...the other one is really that i want to meet other people, wiichat got old to me..
    10. DG~X
      Yeah ill be here. Just not on wiichat. Im hoping ill get to see my friends from wiichat here.
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