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Jun 1, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
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Jun 1, 2010
    1. DG~X
      I have wiispeak but i can never use it!xD. Like conduit is the only game i have that uses it and i dont have many friends on there since i don't play it much.

      They should really make a game that is good and has wiispeak...animal crossing is ok, and conduit is so-so. Needs a great one.

      Not really, was just a question.. I know some people who would'nt give there phone# to a stranger.
    2. DG~X
      They should have wiispeak for every new wi-fi game now...i wish brawl had it, because its so hard to say all the thing by using the buttons.xD -_-.

      Friend that you know in real life, or that you met on the internet?
    3. DG~X
      It was a question...i didnt know it didnt have it..:/ xD. What can you do online, that fun?

      On that phone huh? Cool.
    4. DG~X
      Yeah its 4 moves, i subtracted the checkmate move. Na i dont plan on getting that, is it good btw. Like can you talk on wi-fi?
    5. Pbfanster
    6. DG~X
      Yeah, i know how to win in those few moves. You don't?
    7. DG~X
      Trust me, i have versed people who let me kill there king in my 3rd move. Your learning i guess.

      Yeah any time i see you online ill be up for a match.:)
    8. DG~X
      That was fun. Your not bad, just think to much.lol. Maybe you can out beat me some other day, or today. I would like to play brawl later though.:)
    9. DG~X
      Sorry about last night. I had a little problem. Im not sure if its fixed or not but ill be able to play chess.:)
    10. DG~X
      I found you. I friend requested you too.
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