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Jun 1, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
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Jun 1, 2010
    1. DG~X
      Why on weekends though? Why not week days?
    2. DG~X
      I've decided to talk on the wii always on wiispeak. So in our msgs to make it easy for me ill talk them.:)

      LOL. For a second i read her little white boy.XD!

      Ok, sometime this week, but i warn you i won't go easy!
    3. DG~X
      Sorry for late response, my computer was broken.(sorta)

      Yeah, i was kidding though about the black thing.xD

      Which is sad, if you refuse to grow up. Then you will be with your mom( in your case mommy.xD) for the rest of your life. Now thats sad.XD! j/K

      Yeah, anytime you want to.
    4. DG~X
      Then that would make us what?

      No if your black your always accused guilty.

      That would be sad...a grown man playing pokemon.xD
    5. DG~X
      Haha, na i just hang out with a lot of girls.(just friends)

      Unless if your black.

      The 19 year old man with kids, or still liking pokemon at 19?

      No, i just didn't get what you meant.
    6. DG~X
      May 21 and super mario galaxy 2 comes out.

      Happens to me all the time with girls..xD

      True, its like your guilty until proven innocent.

      I use to when i was like 9. Not saying its a kids game but i stopped at that age.

    7. DG~X
      I guess that comes in handy, but i would still like a boss that knows what he is doing..

      WOW! That is gay! I had a friend like that saying we are going to that bowling alley. I was like what time, and he said ill cya there...i came and he said "where were you!!" xD

      Inglorious bastards?

      Thats cool. Im DG~X over there too.

      Na, i dont play pokemon.

      Also, im getting really active in conduit and now i have friends on there.
    8. DG~X
      xD. Don't you hate in jobs that your boss is retarded.xD

      Seriously, what were you trying to say?xD

      You could, im in a clan if you want to join it. Im sure you could.
    9. DG~X

      xD. I dont know what you said there.xD

      Yeah, i go to mariokartwii.com and add people from there.
    10. DG~X
      Like what do you mean from what you said?

      fuh speeckinm gehrmen

      I would add you now.
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