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Jun 1, 2010
Jan 31, 2010
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iPF Noob

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Jun 1, 2010
    1. DG~X
      Nothing much,you?
    2. DG~X
      I can play now if you see this, or we can see each other on brawl possibly.
    3. DG~X
      Maybe today...sorry i didn't go on brawl yesterday since i fell asleep to early. I was really tired, and today i might be able to play chess. Maybe not since we are celebrating mothers day today. Im going to see iron man 2, and eating at olive garden possibly.
    4. DG~X
      Lol, i wasn't on yesterday.xD So i guess next week end or today. Whenever really.
    5. DG~X
      Well, you are shy and don't really talk to new people unless they talk to you I believe. But when your comfortable around the person you can't shut up.xD j/k

      Its friday, I can play chess for a while today tomorrow too.
    6. DG~X
      Shy i see.

      Yeah i didnt send one.xD but lets play when i see you on brawl. Im might not be on as often anymore probably.I dont know why...caught up with live..you know.
    7. DG~X
      Then go around the forum and make more friends.:)

      Ok.Ill just send the pm now then since im ready. Brawl is getting really boring.-_-.

      Well, i use safari so i just switched to firefox for a sec. Say on wiichat you forgot you password, they'll make you put your email address and in a few seconds it will be there. Put that password in the firefox(in my case).
    8. DG~X
      Yeah, i would be cool if you came here more often.

      Basicly i can this whole week since i have nothing planned. I just beat God of war III so im bored.

      ReallY!? That happend to me here, but i fixed that easy peasy.
    9. DG~X
      Couldn't you squeeze a few minutes on weekdays?

      Cool, just saw your last visit and it was like 5 days ago.
    10. DG~X
      You still come here?
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