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Dec 3, 2010
    1. hapishap
      let me know how it works out.
    2. hapishap
      2nd part....(only 1000 characters allowed)....
      One thing to note: there are two choices (tabs - kind of) you have to choose from when in the "add book source" - "catalog or "Web Page" to enter the info to. I THINK "catalog" is the right one, but not 100% sure. If you try that and it doesn't work then just start again and put the info under the "Web Page" tab and that should work then.

      Give it a try, consider this something out of your $ 50 buck (I hate to hear rip off stories)

      PS - I'm just trying to help someone out here so please don't turn me in or cause me grief!! Good luck and enjoy.
    3. hapishap
      Hello, I read your unfortunate story and thought I would throw you a bone. There are some site where you can get all sorts of books for free. Here is one for you to check out..... http://www.drinkmalk.com/books/list.xml
      This link will give you an idea whats available. To use it effectively, get the free Stanza app (other book readers may work as well but I only know it with Stanza - not iBook by the way)
      Load the Stanza program go to "get books" on the bottom. Then hit the plus sign "add book source" (you may have to hit "edit" in the upper right first-I can't remember). Then "add book source" and a name (you can call it what ever you want) Then under "url" type http://www.drinkmalk.com/books/list.xml
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