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SleepDepriver (Free) – Temporarily Prevent Auto-Lock

This is a discussion on SleepDepriver (Free) – Temporarily Prevent Auto-Lock within the Jailbreak Applications & Tweaks forums, part of the iPad Hacking category; SleepDepriver (Free) [Cydia description] Requires iOS 4.0 or higher. Prevent device sleep and (optionally) screen dimming. Set an activation method via Activator - the default ...

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    SleepDepriver (Free) – Temporarily Prevent Auto-Lock

    SleepDepriver (Free)
    [Cydia description] Requires iOS 4.0 or higher. Prevent device sleep and (optionally) screen dimming. Set an activation method via Activator - the default method is a short hold of the home button. A statusbar icon will indicate when SleepDepriver is active. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 4.x. Set an activation method via Activator or via SleepDepriver in Settings. No new icons are added to the homescreen. You can configure options from the Settings app.

    Sometimes, I don’t want the iPad to go to sleep. I may be studying or reading – and nothing’s more annoying than having the iPad dim and then bam! Off it goes. I know, you’re probably thinking, “then set your Auto-Lock timer for longer – or for never – you dummy!” But, I like having my timer set for a short time – most of the time (for battery savings). It’s just that, in rare instances. I don’t want to have the iPad turn off. And, the steps to turn off Auto-Timer, just for that rare time? Annoying, plus it takes several steps. I’m lazy and I’m always looking for the easy way to do something.

    So, along comes SleepDepriver to the rescue. The tweak comes with the ability to set an Activator setting. I’ve set it so that a quick swipe [to the left] on my status bar turns on the “always on” function. The cool thing is that I get an icon in the status bar so I know the tweak is running. See this:

    You can also set the app to dim the screen, yet still not go to sleep. You can adjust the amount it dims in the Settings app. I don’t want it to dim, so I don’t (the whole point is so I can still read the screen), but YMMV. Here’s a shot of what you get in the Settings app:

    Yeah, it’s one of those little tweaks that you have to wonder why it exists. But, it serves its purpose well: It allows me to temporarily – and easily – turn off the Auto-Lock function for however long I wish. I can study, or read a book, without having to worry about the screen dimming or the iPad turning off if I go too long without touching the screen. And, I get to keep my battery-saving 2-minute Auto-Lock on without having to constantly adjust the time in the Settings app. So, it suits me. Of course, and as always, YMMV.

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    Thanks Marilyn. Love it.
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    Works great. The best of best.

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    It is a great tweak. Perfect for use with live sound.

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    Brilliant. Should be a mainstream app so all those cooking in the kitchen can find it. Ever try to enter your lock code with fingers covered in olive oil and flour?

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