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How to conserve 4G data usage

This is a discussion on How to conserve 4G data usage within the iPad Mini Forum forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Iím getting ready for my first road trip with my new iPad mini. My question is about how to conserve 4G data usage. I will ...

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    How to conserve 4G data usage

    Iím getting ready for my first road trip with my new iPad mini.
    My question is about how to conserve 4G data usage.
    I will be signing up for a Verizon 1 gig data plan for a month, & only enable it when Iím not near a Wi-Fi hot spot.
    I want to be sure when Iím using the 4G connection I donít have apps behaving badly & using up my data allotment.
    Iíve read about the standard things saving like donít use iTunes or stream movies, etc. My email accounts are set to only poll when I ask for it.
    I guess Iím looking for the less than obvious things to conserve 4G, like is less data used checking Gmail accounts via the web site or using the email app ?
    Other questions:
    Is there a way to stop informational apps like the weather channel from polling for data while on 4G?
    How much data does a ďfreeĒ ad sponsored app use. I realize I cannot use the app while on 4G, but am curious.

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    Most of the things you seem to worry about use minimal data. Not sure I would worry about them too much. Streaming video is the real data eater.

    The the app known as data usage to monitor your use of cellular.

    The best way to control it is to turn it off when you don't want it to be used and then turn it on when you want to use it. All the other tiny bits don't need to be managed and your time will be better used.
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    As AQ_OC says, you're unlikely to go over your 1GB data plan if you stick to email, web browsing, and other non-streaming activities. I have a 4 GB plan and have rarely gone over 1 GB. The exception was when my home ISP went down and I streamed several Hulu.com shows. Even then I never broke 2 GB. I should probably lower my limit, but I'm paranoid and want the extra in case my ISP goes down for an extended period. Tethering is a great backup connection.

    Verizon also offers you the safety net of data usage alerts. If you set them up you will receive several alerts starting at 50% all the way up to 100%. They can be email, SMS, or both. You set them up in your Verizon account online.

    There's a MyVerizon app as well. It's not a great app, but it does allow you to check your current usage from the iPad or iPhone.

    How to conserve 4G data usage-verizondataalerts.jpeg

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    I've got a 1 Gig plan. I do use WiFi whenever possible... I listen to a bit of streaming audio when I'm in the car, but I never stream video on 4G. I read e-mail and use my GPS app which downloads maps real time from the net... .. I've never hit the 1Gig limit and rarely get over 700 Megabytes.. Even if I do go over one day, my provider only charges 20 bucks for another gig, so if I should need 2 Gig in one month, I won't go broke


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