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Creating new photo folders/moving pics

This is a discussion on Creating new photo folders/moving pics within the iPad General Discussions forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Yes, it is generally accorded that dictatorships are more efficient than bureaucracies. Neither is guaranteed to provide a pleasant outcome....

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    Yes, it is generally accorded that dictatorships are more efficient than bureaucracies. Neither is guaranteed to provide a pleasant outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcbrew View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by travroy View Post
    Reason #164 to return your iPad and buy a real computer. You know, one that actually let's users create and organize files/folders. Joke.
    You might as well say the same thing about the iPod or a digital camera... If it can't do everything computer can do, it is useless! You do realize that an iPad (like a digital camera or an MP3 player) is not meant to replace a computer, right?
    That's a kick in the...Joke apart, real seriously, I registered to the forum just to tell ,I don't agree entirely, cause in fact, you're argument is almost a buzz(I'm not a pro in buzzword, check Wikipedia), or if you prefer seem to me just like a design-commercially oriented product, as usual from apple, who like teasing in search for response,... how how, ...how. How much to move a picture from folder to folder, that's over me ! That's a chance we have some B who give to the world so much, where as apple, look to me, would be remembered as a failure, or not at all, sorry for my French (only to the emotional)
    I just had a problem related to the subject of the post, moving photo from folder to folder. That would required a very expensive software development to apple, but I think the fact is that in those products (iphone ipad...) apple sold his alpha, or even a prototype to the public as a final product to match his budget. That's modern. (return on investment preset's you know), and what the hell with ITunes sucking your blood ??? Nobody know who I am here write ? real ? Sorry for the feeling...
    Also I'm not a reference to talk about system considerations, but selling the iphone, supposed bluetooth enabled with just a few of the 24 or something protocol existing, is just working on people.
    I'm an animator, and my client don't like to hear about technical stuff, they just want to see it working, and they cry if not. But apple talk, they explain you why it's the good way, why have only a mail, or something like that on this "tablet" something, not to get in terminology, bla bla bla..
    If I remember write, the only enabled bluethooth protocols are those related to stuff you need to buy hardware for, apple hardware only of course.
    Did they try to hold the iphone before selling it? The ridicule under exploited app store ? Maybe they bought the design on the internet, cause I can't hear anything and I have to cry so people ear my voice, at home to. I've received from my provider as a retribution a bluetooth headset. With it, even I cry, people can't hear me. I tried, now, I even don't know where it is. While calling some officials, peoples ended the calls cause they can't hear me.
    The first ipod i bought (ipod video 60G, and also the first apple product I bought and also my first deception, oh, sorry my grammar, first first first, maybe FFF should be...?...related to apple) where in fact apple was enough intelligent to sell a product where you can't change the battery.
    Well, I wouldn't found it myself, those guys are real genius not to name, but surely, ipod wasn't design to replace those scary stuff with battery you can change. That's logic.
    I bought 4 product from apple and those was 4 deceptions, and I felt apple work on me, up ... ...hmm, don't know what.
    And surely, when needed for costly power, or not specially in fact, I can't afford paying double the price for half the product, And I can't understand why the hell some guy need to jailbreak, why don't sell a product who give you what it's supposed to, and stop joking on peoples.
    Personally, my computer is <brand> dual xeon quad core x series, that's just twice the price in apple store, and if you need a lLot of ram as I do, the price begin to get in real disproportion with other brands, and reality of course . That's depend on point of view I'm sure, there is also "to get in the real good proportion" for some privilegie. That's my experience with apple, for the survey write ? Cha Chao
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    .....huh? Anyone catch any of that?
    There is only one Return, and it's not Of The King, it is Of The Jedi.


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