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What is apple's secret

This is a discussion on What is apple's secret within the iPad General Discussions forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Apples knows how to market things and make them look hip. I never considered the iPod groundbreaking and there were countless other mp3 players many ...

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    Apples knows how to market things and make them look hip. I never considered the iPod groundbreaking and there were countless other mp3 players many times better. The notebooks have been ok, but I don't see anything groundbreaking about them either. Touchscreen phones were out long before the iPhone. Pretty much same thing for their desktops, although they are well built to a degree ( they have their own issues) still not groundbreaking.

    The iPad may have not been the very first tablet, but according to Apple and the marketing they've done, everyone seems to think it was/is. Totally agree that every other company seems to be releasing half baked attempts at a tablet. Apple caught them with their pants down and now they are playing catchup and are in a panic, and it shows. Apple already had a small tablet made years back. It was the iTouch, but it was too small to make it a proper tablet. It was a no brainer that they needed a larger one. What is the iPad if not just a big itouch. They didn't even bother to alter the OS for it. The only challenge was a bigger screen and battery life -and convincing the world that this big iTouch was a tablet - hence marketing.

    I think if you look at any industry now compared to years back, it has become more about how cheap you can make a product for max profit, and simply make it last the length of the warranty - nothing else matters to them like customer loyalty/pride in product. I'll give Apple credit in that it tries to make a decent piece of hardware by adding little touches here and there like quality of materials they use, but it's nothing that any other company couldn't do...they just choose not to because it doesn't fit their make it cheap/max profit way of doing business. There was a time when more companies had pride in their products, but that day is long gone. Everything I own these days has it's issues it seems, even my first iPad died, and I see issues with macbooks at work quite a bit as well- so no, Apple isn't perfect either, just better then some.

    Apple is also very good at taking ideas from others and putting their name on it, marketing it again, and all of a sudden the Zombies think Apple invented it. Airplay anyone? mp3 players anyone?

    I still hate their software,OS and IOS and their closed system for everything. iTunes is miserable, and having to pay for things like pdf readers, and remote desktop utils and so on is pathetic. When it comes to software, they are far far behind others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tzimisce View Post

    It's no coincidence at all, for instance, that the iPad has become the one of the most commonly offered (and highly desired) lucky-draw prize for all manner of contests, sign-ups and raffles.
    This is true. AND ~ they are on so many TV shows! I love it. But one of my shows didn't use the iPad, but it looked like the Samsung one, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfmp3 View Post
    Apples knows how to market things and make them look hip. I never considered the iPod groundbreaking and there were countless other mp3 players many times better.
    In a modern society where so many things (and people) are judged on looks and first-impressions, of course creating a product that has a great up-front impact counts for a great deal, regardless of its quality, durability or substance. (DodoCase comes to mind, actually.)

    However, in the case of both iPod and iPad, although Apple didn't "invent" either device, they were in their respective markets the first major product that people associated the most strongly with - precisely because of its groundbreaking design and interface - and that's what counts. Before I got my first iPod, I had an MP3 player and it was an absolute POS to use and look at.

    And any commercial industry is always about generating maximum profit with minimum cost. You'd be running a very poor business otherwise. A financially healthy company means less risk to consumers that their products (and support/warranty) will be discontinued. Good customer service naturally feeds into this: make your customers happy, they will tell their friends and come back to spend more money. Word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertising because it's free and honest.

    In fact, Apple is very good at this "halo effect": people who own one Apple product are much more likely to consider and acquire other Apple products, and show off products to their friends. Isn't that the best kind of customer loyalty? Most customers, I think, aren't as vapid as you're making them out to be.
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    I hate apple products, because the only things I generally want to do involve things they don't want me to do. Like watch an .mkv encoded movie. Or connect to a media device on a pc.

    However the ipad is unique. I can do simple stuff much more quickly and easily on the ipad. I don't use it for music, but i have music on there. I just use it for a quick web browser, email checker, and a couple games, but it's really good for that.
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    I did th exact same thing. Hated everything Apple until I bought the iPad. Its all changed now

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    Great link and a good read; might I add...so true. Apple has always been about making us work within their box. Most of the time its fine because Apple works really hard to make you believe you are in tech bliss. In reality its nothing more than a mind game and the yellow brick road to your wallet. Apple is riding a wave of sucess based on very good people coming up with very nifty products. However many others are right around the corner. Apple is king, but they better have eyes in the back of their head...
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