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3G and wifi on

This is a discussion on 3G and wifi on within the iPad FAQ forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ipaddoc Hi to every body I am new to the iPad, i have the 3G and wi fi iPad and I want ...

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Thread: 3G and wifi on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ipaddoc View Post
    Hi to every body
    I am new to the iPad, i have the 3G and wi fi iPad and I want to know if there is a way so the iPad connects always to the wifi net if there is one available and connects to the 3G net if there is no wifi in the place, I am at the moment using the 3G off and turning it on if no wifi. Would the ipad recognize this situation automatically?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattIM View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ipaddoc View Post
    Guys I though it was an easy answer, I hope the iPad switch modes alone otherwise I will keep 3G off cause it will spend my gigs ver soon
    ...but sometimes the iPad has difficulty turning off 3G and going to wifi. This happened to me last month. I never watch streaming video on 3G--it is too slow, pixalates too much and uses a lot of Mb. I got home and without looking at the upper left corner of the iPad, I launched the ABC Player app and started watching No Ordinary Family.

    About 15 minutes into the show, the screen starts to slow and the little circular download wheel starts rotating and the picture quality starts deteriorating. I'm thinking 'odd'. So I get out of the program, and reset the iPad. To my woe, I noticed that I was on 3G. My iPad did not find my wifi signal--a rare occurrence. I go to download meter app and it confirms that I used in 15 minutes 190Mb of data. Fortunately I didn't have much of the month left of my subscription so no problem.

    Lesson learned. 1. Before launching an app that takes over your screen check to see what you are on. OR 2. Turn off 3G to remove any doubt.
    I've always thought about that part. All I can do is guess.

    I figure maybe that it is becuase if there are no Wf-Fi signals and the iPad use 3G to download whatever you want to download, when you do get into range of Wi-Fi signals, the iPad have to finish downloading on 3G so you can get the whole package. If it stopped on 3G and start on Wi-Fi, it may have a hard time trying to get the same packages of data. How do Wi-Fi start off what 3G left off? You would need to log-on to Wi-Fi first then tell iPad to fetch what's left of the downloading you were in the middle of.

    Bit like say, someone is using morse code over old fashion radio then suddenly someone steps forwards and says: "We'll take over with the messages, we have just invented the telephone." right slap bang in the middle of the communications.

    Maybe it makes senses for 3G to finish first, then you can close the app, then open it again, and it will now use Wi-Fi? Same way as you should let the guys with the morse code finish their communications first, then after that, you can use the telephone for any next communications?
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