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Pre-ordering versus buying in store

This is a discussion on Pre-ordering versus buying in store within the iPad 3 Forum forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Originally Posted by TziporaR So I see I made my mind up too late about trying to preorder an iPad. I'm guessing that there is ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TziporaR View Post
    So I see I made my mind up too late about trying to preorder an iPad. I'm guessing that there is not a chance in the world, when the Apple STore site is currently saying all iPad 3 models will ship on March 19th for anything to change for it to come any sooner?

    Here's my thing and what I am pondering (maybe it's a bit insane but I'm sure at least some of you can understand!). My birthday is actually March 16th. I sure would love a new iPad for my birthday(my first iPad actually, but I'm a huge Apple fanatic... made the horrific decision to buy a Nook Tablet but it sure is no iPad!). I wish I had realized earlier that I have the funds for it and should go for it (still feeling buyers remorse on that Nook!!!) I'm half interested in engraving anyway so I'm probably going to preorder.

    However, I do live just 2 miles away from an Apple store. I have never bought an Apple product on the launch date before so I have no clue if I would even make it to the store before they sold out. But what I'm pondering is... I recently bought a MacBook Pro. I know my credit card was not actually charged for it until I received it. If I were to preorder an iPad 3 now (knowing it is not expected to even ship until the 19th). If I somehow managed to snag an iPad in store on the 16th, I could cancel my order in time,

    Maybe I am just too desperate but I'm about to have a minor surgery in addition to some crazy long medical testing (my doctor flat out told me to bring something to do and mentioned bringing along an iPad, seriously, and that was all it took to get me to seriously consider buying one, haha) so hence, getting one sooner rather than later appeals to me a lot but I can wait if need be. I'm also disabled so I'm not sure I would ever manage to wait in line at the store or even make it there before the iPads were sold out and I have no clue how that goes. And presumably if the iPads sell out on the 16th, it will take days for the stores to get more in, correct? ANd does the store sell all 3 sizes? I know I'm interested in either 32 or 64GBs. And I ask since I had wanted to purchase my MBP in stores but they did not sell the 15inch with the anti-glare screen in stores so I had to order that one anyway. So no use even trying to go to the store either, if they aren't going to have the iPad I want, obviously.

    I'm largely guessing I might as well submit my preorder and do so sooner rather than later (like tonight, might as well)... and the march 19th ship date is when it ships from Apple, right? Not the expected date of arrival, correct? And engraving will only add to my time...

    So I don't know. What do you guys think? I know there are other Apple fanatics out there who can get my need to have it sooner rather than later. And it's driving me crazy that it's released on my birthday. Being very ill, rather young, and alone on my birthday sucks. I'd love a shiny new iPad that day but I'm guessing I made up my mind too late on that. Preordering is probably my best bet, yes? But any input would be greatly appreciated. I can't make up my mind on the best way to go about purchasing it but I would gather that it seems unlikely I have ay real chance of getting it on launch date when getting to the stores and waiting in line is challenge for me, physically. But as I've never bought on launch date (besides preordering the iPhone 3gs that did indeed ship to me on launch date, but was ordered from AT&T) so I don't know how the whole supply and demand works but I imagine it's pretty nuts...

    So again, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
    providing they haven't shipped the order you have a right to cancel if they have it dpends on thier policy so i
    advise you to check if its shipped or not before trying to buy it in store

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    I still think you should have a good time by going to your local Apple store. They'll manage the crowd well and the people in line will be fun but whatever you do don't go to Walmart at midnight you'll probably get trampled if you go to Walmart

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