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Am I the only one who thinks the camera Sucks?

This is a discussion on Am I the only one who thinks the camera Sucks? within the iPad 2 Forum forums, part of the Apple iPad Discussions category; Originally Posted by RafRey Originally Posted by RafRey I'm hoping there is an IOS update that will fix this. If this is the same camera ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRey View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RafRey View Post
    I'm hoping there is an IOS update that will fix this. If this is the same camera as the iPhone 4, software should be the cure. I am pretty sure I won't be lugging this thing around to take photos with, but yea, I would expect a sharper image.

    However, I can only theorize that more R&D went into the A5 chip, slimmer profile, etc. than into a camera that may be used periodically. But still, we've been waiting for the iPad camera, and this is what we get? I don't see how this got out the Apple doors. Paying $600 and change for the lowest end model doesn't make me to too willing to accept compromise.

    That being said, I still love the thing. Kind of like how you love your dog, even after he just peed on the carpet.
    OK, after spending most of last night tinkering with my iPad2, downloading some apps, synching music, pictures, and videos, checking facebook, browsing the web, watching a movie on Netflix, and using the HDMI connector to my TV, I completely forgot there was a camera on this thing at all!
    Sounds just like what I do, on my "IPAD1" ;-) instead using jailbreak app, display out, for mirroring, and composite cables to hook up to t.v. I luv Netflix! Lol

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    I think the iPad 2 should have a 5.0 MP camera.
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    I think apple should have used the rear camera in the front. Its the better quality camera and my belief is that on the iPad 2 most videos will be captured from the front facing camera. Either during video calls, photo booth or videos for video blogs.

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    RE: Ipad 2 Camera Sucks!

    As an owner of iPad, I was really looking forward to iPad 2. After using the new iPad for more than a week, the most disappointing thing about it is the camera. It is horrible. It is not even good for Facetime. Everyone complains about how grainy the picture quality is. This has been even more frustrating than the antenna problem with iPhone 4. Is Apple losing it or just getting a bit too greedy? I don't know if this is just shoddy workmanship or Apple trying to squeeze one more version out of the iPad series. The next version will have a better camera. The one after that will have a better screen. That will be four versions, just like the iPhone. My advice is ditch iPad 2, buy the first iPad for a couple of hundred less. The speed difference between the two versions is not noticeable.

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    Agreed. I expected the front camera was going to stink based on early reviews, but I'm really disappointed with the rear camera.

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