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Apple Q1 2014 Results: 51M iPhones, 26M iPads; $57.6B in Revenue & $13.1B in Profit

Jan 28, 2014 - 4:52 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Apple Q1 2014 Results: 51M iPhones, 26M iPads; .6B in Revenue & .1B in Profit-apple-hq-620x400.jpg

Yesterday, Apple has made public the fiscal Q1 2014 earnings, having reported $57.6 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in net profit representing $14.50 per share. When it comes to the number of sold devices, Apple has shipped 51 million iPhones, 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs in the holiday quarter. Compared to Q1 2013, iPhone sales grew 6.7 percent while iPad sales grew 13.5 percent.

So, it seems that the iPad has seen a bigger growth than the iPhone. As we previously reported, analysts were expecting Apple to ship an average of 55 million iPhones and 25 million iPads. As a result, shares of Apple fell nearly 6 percent after the results were first revealed.

The iPad sales numbers beat the expectations, while the iPhone missed them. However, both the iPhone and iPad sales figures were new records, better than previous year’s 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the following:

We are really happy with our record iPhone and iPad sales, the strong performance of our Mac products and the continued growth of iTunes, Software and Services. We love having the most satisfied, loyal and engaged customers, and are continuing to invest heavily in our future to make their experiences with our products and services even better.
Apple also sold 4.8 million Macs, compared to 4.1 million in the year-ago quarter. For fiscal 2014 second quarter, Apple is estimating a lower revenue between $42 billion and $44 billion, since the highly lucrative holiday quarter has ended.

Source: iPhoneforums
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The Wall Street Journal: Apple to Enter the Mobile Payments Business

Jan 27, 2014 - 9:08 AM - by RaduTyrsina
The Wall Street Journal: Apple to Enter the Mobile Payments Business-apple-mobile-payment-620x400.jpg

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is laying the groundwork for an upcoming mobile-payments service of its own. Apple has sold well over 500 million iPhones and iPads to date, so it has hundreds of millions of credit cards on file through its iTunes stores ready to become used for the new service. Speaking on this matter, Denee Carrington, analyst at Forrester Research said that Apple has an enormous potential in this field

Apple is absolutely the sleeping giant in the payments world. They have the capability; they just haven’t tied it all together. If Apple is in the game, it certainly changes the space and would make merchants think differently about who to partner with
So, it seems that this could be one of the great things that Tim Cook was talking about. Besides the absolutely staggering amount of iPhone and iPad users, let’s not forget that Apple is also looking to develop the iBeacon technology which can determine where you are inside a store. And if we collate to this the fact that the iPhone 5s comes with a fingerprint sensor for increased security, then it all makes sense.

It seems that App Store chief Eddy Cue has recently met with numerous payments executives to discuss Apple’s interest in building a payments business for physical goods and services, according to the WSJ report. Apple can combine all these elements together to create its own mobile payments service and challenge companies like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. This new report from the WSJ confirms what analyst Timothy Arcuri was saying in a previous article that we did – “Apple is also planning software innovations which might include the new iBeacon technology and improvements for Touch ID and Passbook.”

What’s your take on this? Would you be interested in using such a service?

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Caribu is a new iPad bedtime reading app which connects parents and kids

Jan 27, 2014 - 4:56 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Caribu is a new iPad bedtime reading app which connects parents and kids-screen480x480.jpeg

Reading bedtime stories to your kids represents an important step in their relationship with you and also in their growth process. But these days, there are many situations when the working mum or dad isn’t near their children when they have to go to bed. There are many causes: maybe they are tethered to the office, the parents are separated or maybe they are army personnel serving thousands of miles away from home. And if your granny has an iPad at hand, then by using this app, she could tell some bedtime stories to her beloved grandchildren, as well. Four university students have created a new video calling app for iPad which allows parents and children to read picture books together even if they're apart. Ben Mallett, one of the co-founders, said the following:

We wanted to create an app which helped families defy long distance and bring each other closer together. So many families are separated these days, with divorce, travel, and even long working hours meaning families don't spend that much time together. This app is about bringing families together through technology, and allowing them to share important moments in their days, wherever they are in the world
Caribu for iPad can be downloaded for free and comes with a free story book so that users can see how it works like. Each video call interlocutor has a virtual bookshelf to choose books from, and each book will cost $2.99. Thanks to the shared pointer, the users are able follow the story together. The app also comes with synchronised page turning and offline reading which lets you read books when you’re together.

Source: Caribu on iTunes
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Classic Nintendo Game Tales of Phantasia now Available for iOS Users for Free

Jan 27, 2014 - 3:51 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Classic Nintendo Game Tales of Phantasia now Available for iOS Users for Free-tales-phantasia-ios-620x400.jpeg

More than two weeks ago, we shared with you an article about Pac-Man, a classical game that went free for that week alone. Now, it has come to our attention that classical game Tales of Phantasia, originally launched by Namco back in 1995 for Super Famicom devices (the Japanese moniker for Super Nintendo) has been released for iOS users.

Cress, a young man living in the village of Toltus was out hunting with his friend Chester. Just as they had caught their prey, they heard the warning bell from the direction of the village. Cress returns to the village and from there, his journey begins to unfold in unexpected turns through time and space.
Tales of Phantasia is available on the iTunes store as a free-to-play game supported by in-game purchases. However, the developers say that you can play from start to finish without having to purchase anything, but it will just take longer than in the scenario where you would’ve purchased optional status boosts for your characters.

The iOS version of the game is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad users and comes with touch-screen controls, achievements and leaderboards, as well as voice-overs and revamped animations. During the Tokyo Game Show which took place in September, last year, Namco Bandai first launched the game to the Japanese App Store and now it has made its way into the US and Canadian app stores.

Source: Tales of Phantasia on iTunes, iPhoneforums
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Apple Celebrates Mac Desktop’s 30th Anniversary in Video

Jan 24, 2014 - 2:47 PM - by dgstorm

It's hard to believe, but it has been 30 years since Apple first released their first Mac Desktop. The first Macintosh was unveiled in 1984 and was hailed as the "computer that changed everything." That description wasn't just hyperbole either. Apple is celebrating this momentous occasion by sharing an interactive timeline and the video below. The "movie" basically details the history of Mac computers as they evolved over the last thirty years, starting with the classic Macintosh and culminating with the Macs of today.

Apple's interactive timeline can be...

Continue Reading @: Apple Celebrates Mac Desktop's 20th Anniversary in Video - iPhone Forums
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Best Buy to Offer Temporary Discounts for the iPhone 5s/5c and the iPad Air/Mini

Jan 24, 2014 - 8:52 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Best Buy to Offer Temporary Discounts for the iPhone 5s/5c and the iPad Air/Mini-best-buy-iphone-ipad-620x400.jpg

The holiday season has ended and so have the majority of deals on Apple products, but Best Buy has some more goodies in its gift bag. Only this Friday and Saturday, the big retailer will discount all the models of the iPad Air by $50. The company will also offer $30 discounts on first-generation iPad mini models. Best Buy is also running is trade-in program until February 1, so if you have an old electronic device, you can earn some extra cash.

Best Buy customers can score at least a $10 gift card by trading in virtually any electronic device, including digital cameras, digital camcorders, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and MP3 players. Certain tablets, phones, and gaming systems can qualify for at least a $75 gift card. The device does have to power up and be free of water damage and any cracks in the screen. This latest trade-in deal runs through February 1.
iPhone buyers haven’t been overlooked, as they can save $50 off the 16GB iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and $100 off the 32GB iPhone 5c from now through February 2. The usual two-year agreement is part of the deal, of course. Android buyers can also get the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for free through Verizon on Friday and Saturday and free through AT&T from Friday through Saturday, February 2.

Source: iPhoneforums
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‘Where’s My Mickey?’ iOS Game Available for Free as App of the Week

Jan 24, 2014 - 7:09 AM - by RaduTyrsina
‘Where’s My Mickey?’ iOS Game Available for Free as App of the Week-wheres-my-mickey-360x400.jpeg

Disney’s Where’s My Mickey game is very popular among iOS users and is based on the popular Where’s My Water? game also released by Disney. Ever since it was launched on the iTunes Store back in June, 2013, the game was available for $1.99, but now Apple has selected it as App of the Week, so for the first time it can be downloaded free of charge.

Where’s My Mickey? introduces a whole new world of life-like physics-based gameplay with stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. Immerse yourself in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes while solving challenging puzzles! Tap, swipe, and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. Every drop counts!
For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Where’s My Mickey? is a physics-based title that asks players to help Mickey Mouse collect water to progress through levels. The game comes with Mickey-based art and weather mechanics like wind, clouds, and rain, and five different episodes of levels for free. There are two additional episode packs that you can purchase for $0.99, as well as in-app purchases for hints, if you need some extra help.

iPad users are not being neglected with this promotion, as the iPad-optimized Where’s My Mickey? XL version of the game is also available for free. Find below the links to both versions and let us know what you think of the game.

Source: Where’s My Mickey?, Where’s My Mickey? XL
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Study Finds Owners of iPhone 5s and iPad 4 Consume the Most Data

Jan 24, 2014 - 4:06 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Study Finds Owners of iPhone 5s and iPad 4 Consume the Most Data-iphone-ipad-data-usage-620x400.jpg

According to a recent study from network technology firm JDSUStudy, the most data-demanding device in 2013 was the iPhone 5, but iPhone 5s users are demanding 20% more data than iPhone 5 users in developed markets, and 50% more data in developing markets. Dr. Michael Flanagan, CTO of Mobility for the Network and Service Enablement business segment of JDSU and author of the study said the following:

Each new generation of iPhone has resulted in increases in data consumption of between 20-40 percent — even today when data use is common. Though interestingly, users of the more economically-priced iPhone 5c consume data in the range between that of the iPhone 4s and 5 users.
JDSU’s 2013 data consumption study tracked over one million subscribers in a “Tier 1″ European market and another one million subscribers in another developing market which was not named. More than 150 different devices, including smartphones and tablets, were monitored for a 24-hour period to analyze the average data use.

When it comes to the iPad, the fourth-gen iPad has replaced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 in the top tablet spot in the studied developed market while the iPad mini yields lower data consumption rates. Compared to 2nd and 3rd generations iPads, iPad mini users consume only 80% of the downlink data.

Source: iPhoneforums
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Analysts estimate Apple sold 25M iPads in the last quarter

Jan 23, 2014 - 8:07 AM - by RaduTyrsina
Analysts estimate Apple sold 25M iPads in the last quarter-ipads-pix1.png

Two days ago, we shared with you a roundup of estimates regarding the total number if iPhone sales in the holiday quarter that has ended. Philip Elmer-Dewitt from the Fortune publication was the one to gather all the estimates in a single place and he has did the same for the iPad. Elmer-Dewitt collected unit sales estimates from 45 Apple analysts consisting of 28 professionals and 17 independent ones.

The average estimate among all the analysts is 25 million iPads, up 10% from the same quarter last year. Last year, the pros were right and the indies wrong. The consensus was 24 million iPads, with the pros at 22.8 million and the amateurs at 25.5 million. The correct number, according to Apple, was 22.86 million.
As you can see for yourself in the above graphic, the average estimate for Q1 2014 is slightly above 25 million iPad units, which represents a 10 percent increase from the previous year, when the actual sales results were at 22.86 million iPads. We can see that the most optimistic analysts estimates that Apple will report as much as 28 million sold iPads while the most pessimistic ones say that Apple has sold only 21 million iPad units.

However, it seems that the iPads were a more challenging market to forecast, as the iPad Air didn’t ship until the beginning of November. missing one third of the quarter. Also, the new iPad Mini has been commercially launched 12 days later and was in short supply.

Source: Fortune
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iOS Leads in Mobile ad Traffic and Generates the Most Mobile ad Revenue

Jan 22, 2014 - 10:32 AM - by RaduTyrsina
iOS Leads in Mobile ad Traffic and Generates the Most Mobile ad Revenue-ios-ad-revenue-620x396.jpg

We have just shared with you an interesting report which was showing that Android users are more affected by malware than iOS device owners. Now, according to a new report by Opera Mediaworks, Apple’s iOS doesn’t edge out Android only in security , but also in mobile ad traffic and even mobile advertising revenue. Ad solution platform Opera Mediaworks shared data for the fourth quarter of 2013, and it seems that Apple held an impressive lead over Android in mobile advertising marketshare, accounting for 43.39 percent of mobile traffic while Google’s Android came up with 37.71 percent.

iOS was also the prevalent leader in mobile advertising revenue, generating 55.70 percent. Android mobile devices represented only a 31.73 percent share of revenue. The big number of Android phones garnered the platform more ad traffic than the iPhone at 35.85 percent, bigger than iPhone’s share of 28.72 percent. However, the iPhone produced 40.03 percent of ad revenue and Android smartphones only 30.07 percent.

This statistic explains why there are many app developers who choose to focus first on the iOS platform and put Android on the second plan. The dichotomy is even bigger with tablets, as Android devices obtained only 1.86 percent of mobile ad traffic, netting 1.67 percent of revenue while Apple’s iPad accounted for 10.59 percent of traffic and 12.70 percent of revenue.

Source: iPhoneforums
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