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  1. Air Print Problems
  2. Help for setup
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  4. Contacting wireless printer
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  11. pls who can help me to print
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  14. AirPrint
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  17. Airprint without a router
  18. Printers
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  20. Print without Wi-Fi? I have HP Deskjet 3050A & Windows XP PC with Verizon air card.
  21. Printing Set Up
  22. iPad 2 'sees' HP e-printer, but will not print emails
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  24. Airprint vs. AirPlay
  25. A4 printing of photos
  26. Printing question.
  27. Dropped pin
  28. I need an advice on the best printer to buy for my ipad3
  29. Best Print App?
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  31. Printing
  32. help please
  33. Are you kidding me ?
  34. Epson Stylus Office BX305FW
  35. Airport
  36. Need help printing from ipad2 to hp officejet 4500 wireless using airprint
  37. iPad 2 is acting up with airprint
  38. iPad 3 cellular to Epson Stylus NX430 - Will.Not.Print! Doing my head in
  39. Air print
  40. Print .pdf
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  43. HP officejet 470
  44. Wireless printing from IPad2
  45. Connection problem.
  46. unable to connect to my hp laserjet p1102w
  47. Please help me print from my iPad 2!!
  48. Airprint won't connect over my wifi extender
  49. Printing from my VAN
  50. Trying to understand AirPrint Printing
  51. Tip: if your printer comes and goes
  52. Printing
  53. wireless printing from new 2012 iPad?
  54. Will i be able to print wireless-ly to a HP photosmart b109n-z?
  55. Still having problems printing
  56. Printing to epson sx445w printer via airprint takes about 5 mis to print on page
  57. ipad prints incorrect size to what i want
  58. Epson AirPrint
  59. Hp 3050A air printer
  60. Printing to Cannon MG6150
  61. Airprint not supported by TalkTalk Huawei HG532 Router
  62. cant print from ipad from my HP Deskjet 3050A that previously worked fine.
  63. I Need Help-Want to Print From iPad 1 and i4s
  64. Icloud
  65. Request to Forum Members - Re: AirPrint Success
  66. Fustrated
  67. Printing
  68. Need help on ipad printing clear
  69. Which printer to buy?
  70. Ipad 2 and wireless canon mp 640
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  72. Printer apps
  73. Epson SX235W WiFi Printer and iPad2.
  74. HP B 110 printer
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  77. Photosmart 7510 AIO
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  86. Printer
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  92. Canon MG5320 printer
  93. Lost printer after iOS5 upgrade
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  97. Document Stuck in Print Center
  98. Air printing problems
  99. Printing on brother printer from ipad2
  100. Printing
  101. AirPrint to PDF
  102. Printer
  103. Printing
  104. How can i print from my ipad2to a kodak all in one wireless printer ?
  105. air print
  106. Air printer problems
  107. Print n Share no longer shows option to use 'print n share' when I choose 'print'
  108. Transferring stuff from iPhone to iPad over Bluetooth
  109. Printing
  110. What wireless printer is the best to use with an Ipad2????
  111. Airprint
  112. can we print from the ipad???
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  114. Print
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  121. If you are buying a new printer
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  130. Tim Spracklen, clarification / question on your AirPrint install please.
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  134. Printing With the iPad 2
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  137. Ipad2 printing
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  140. HP Laserjet P1102W not seeing wireless
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  144. Ipad2 printer
  145. Disable color in Airprint to HP approved printer (Office Pro 8500a)
  146. Wi-Fi Printing
  147. Need to know more about my new Ipad
  148. Airprint, ipad2 to HP Photosmart Plus
  149. Printing in Pages
  150. Air Printers
  151. Mobile printer
  152. hp iprint app help, not finding printer
  153. About airprint
  154. Printing from iPad
  155. Printing to network printer Hp 6500A Plus wireless. From iPad
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  164. Printopia
  165. Airprint
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  167. Airport Express
  168. HP 1606dn (ish) Ipad can't/wont recognize.
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  173. New to Forum
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  184. Printers For iPad
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  189. iPad 2 Hp Deskjet 2050
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  191. Printer??
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  194. my iPad can't find my network printer
  195. my iPad can't find my network printer
  196. Wi Fi printing with Ipad
  197. new to forum Hello
  198. Printer sync problems
  199. Got HP 8500A - Airprint not responding properly
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  204. Airprint8
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  207. Printing Wirelessly
  208. Can you AirPrint to Canon printers?
  209. Printing to PDF?
  210. Printing
  211. Wireless printing
  212. Hp printer help
  213. To AirPrint with Airport Express or not
  214. Could the iPad connect to like a canon wireless printer?
  215. Print from nook app
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  220. Print central
  221. What app to purchase that would allow me to print through WIFI
  222. Canon mx340 print app
  223. AirPrint with iPad 2 and HP - Photosmart e-All-in-One Wireless Printer
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  228. Air print???
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  235. iPad2+Windows+AirPrint+Almost any wifi printer=Yes
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  238. Printing
  239. Wireless printing
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  241. What printer is best for the iPad?
  242. FingerPrint to AirPrint to your computer
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  244. Printing
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  246. New Member
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