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  1. Telltale’s The Walking Dead Discounted for Limited Time
  2. New Rumour Says Apple to Release 4K Ultra HD iTV Late 2013/Early 2014
  3. Logitech announced iPad case which also serves as a keyboard
  4. Apple could be working on a smart pen
  5. Apple Closing Gap on Samsung Thanks to iPad Mini and iPhone 5
  6. Iron Man 3 iOS Game to be Launched Tomorrow?
  7. You’ll Soon Be Able to Use Your iPad During Takeoffs and Landings
  8. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Announced for iPad
  9. Final Fantasy V is coming to the iPad
  10. New iOS Lock Screen Vulnerability Found
  11. Penguins in the Long Beach aquarium play with an iPad
  12. Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers Announced for iPad
  13. iPad hacker sentenced to 41 months in jail
  14. Build your own Lego lightning connector for 4th gen iPad and iPad Mini
  15. Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3
  16. Retina Display iPad mini release date: Q3 of 2013?
  17. Developers Give Apple Maps the Thumbs-Up
  18. You can now watch Angry Birds Toons on iOS
  19. BlackBerry CEO Criticises Apple for Outdated iOS Interface
  20. A7 Production Distances Apple From Samsung
  21. Refurbished 4th gen iPad and iPad Mini available in the Apple Store
  22. Duke Nukem II Announced for iOS
  23. Russian hackers use an iPad to remotely drive a car
  24. CBS Launches Full-Episode Streaming on iOS App
  25. IDC forecast: Android tablets are going to surpass the iPad
  26. Staples Set to Stock iPhones, iPads and MacBooks This Month
  27. Idaho Pilot Progam Uses iPads Extensively in Elementary School
  28. Apple Continues to Update and Improve iOS Maps
  29. Strategy game Tribal Wars comes to the iPad
  30. Treat Your iOS Device to Free Game The Silent Age
  31. Quantas to Hand Out iPads to Passengers
  32. Vevo Launches Always-On Channel for TV and Mobile Platforms
  33. Foxconn and TSMC Hire 5000 New Employees for Apple Launches
  34. Firefox won’t come to iOS until Apple mellows up on browser policies
  35. Marvel's Special Offer for Limited Time; Download 700 Comics Free on iOS and Android
  36. US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing
  37. Apple adjusts iPad orders for 2013: will ship less than initially estimated
  38. iPad, beware: News Corp launches the Amplify tablet for the educational sector
  39. Apple could partner with Intel for next iPhone, iPad chips
  40. Apple Still Dominates Passengers’ In-Flight Entertainment Choices
  41. Tim Cook meets with Beats Audio CEO to discuss music service
  42. Ferarri's Partnership with Apple; New 'LaFerrari' Supercar Comes with iPad Mini
  43. The iPad needs to have a Kid mode
  44. iPad shipments have seriously dropped in January 2013
  45. SEGA Announces Sonic Dash Game for iOS
  46. New iPad Could be Here as Soon as April; iPhone 5S in August?
  47. iPad Still Most Desired Tablet
  48. Apple’s iWatch could hit the market later this year
  49. iPad Shown Controlling a Self-Driving Nissan Leaf Car
  50. Apple to Ship 33 Million iPads and 55 Million iPad Minis in 2013
  51. Pentagon Moving From BlackBerry to Apple and Google Devices
  52. Second iOS 6.1 Lockscreen Passcode Vulnerability Discovered
  53. iPads to Help NFL Doctors Diagnose Concussions
  54. Survey: Tablet Use Continues to Soar
  55. iPad Mini Retina Display Said to be in Production
  56. New iPad Mini 2 Photos Could Point to Colour Variants
  57. Plants vs. Zombies is Free!
  58. Spotify Wants to Stream Free Music to Your iPhone and iPad!
  59. Audible Launches First iPad App
  60. Apple is investigating a haptic feedback system for future iPhones, iPads
  61. The iPad is becoming an important gadget in the Fashion industry
  62. Apple Confirms That it Suffered an Attack by Hackers
  63. Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2 to Correct Battery Life Bug
  64. iPad 5 Said to be Getting iPad-Mini Style Display
  65. Apple Supply Map Shows Where Your Apple Products are Made
  66. With Retina Display, iPad Mini’s production cost could be raised by 30%
  67. Brain damaged patient speaks again with the help of an iPad
  68. Apple releases “Alive” and “Together” TV ads to showcase iPad’s capabilities
  69. Microsoft loses $2.5 billion/year by keeping Office off the iPad
  70. Apple’s Sir Jony Ive Gets a Special Gold Blue Peter Badge
  71. LinkedIn CEO giving iPad mini units to employees
  72. Real Racing 3 Released Early in New Zealand and Australia
  73. Infinity Blade Goes Free for One Week!
  74. Apple could use microslot antennas in future iPhones, iPads
  75. The iPad helped medical students score 23% higher at exams
  76. Real Racing 3 Will Launch for Free on Feb 28
  77. Free Pokémon TV App Launched
  78. Firefighters take vows on Bible iPad app
  79. BMW Inspired by Apple Customer Service to Use iPads and Geniuses in Showrooms
  80. Apple Said to Be Employing Former OLED Expert From LG
  81. Evasi0n Jailbreak Surpasses 7 Million Downloads in Four Days
  82. 25% of information workers want an iPad and 33% an iPhone
  83. New iPad 5 Renders Show Size Comparison
  84. The Woz Talks Apple and Samsung
  85. The 25 billionth song was purchased from iTunes
  86. Apple leads PC/Tablet sales with 20% of global market
  87. iPad Usage Rises Again After Brief Holiday Blip
  88. Apple Launches iOS 6.1.1 Beta Focuses on Maps in Japan Improvements
  89. Automee-S is a robot that cleans your iPad screen
  90. Apple takes steps to reduce amount of pollutants in supply chain
  91. Logitech Launches Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Mini
  92. iPad Pinterest app receives an update
  93. 128 GB iPad Available From Today
  94. New Rumour Says Next iPad Mini to Have 324ppi Retina Display
  95. iPad Mini Stocks Improving in Online Store
  96. Evasi0n Jailbreak is Downloaded More Than 100,000 Times in 10 Minutes!
  97. Temple Run 2 becomes fastest growing mobile game ever
  98. iPad's global market share dropped to 43.6%
  99. Apple TV Chip Could Hint at Retina iPad Mini
  100. Will the Next iPad be Thinner and Lighter Thanks to “G/F2” Touchscreen Tech?
  101. Apple wants to trademark the design of its Apple stores
  102. iPad mini shipments predicted to reach 12 million in Q1 2013
  103. Apple rumored to open R&D facility in Shanghai this summer
  104. Safari named browser leader in Q3 of 2012
  105. New Supposed Redesigned iPad 5 Housing Photos Leak
  106. Apple Announces 128GB Retina Display iPad
  107. Apple could axe down the price of the iPad Mini by April
  108. Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?
  109. iOS 6.1 Released
  110. The Importance of Being Apple
  111. iPad 5 Rumoured to Have “Mini-Like” Design
  112. Times Newspaper Launches Free Apps Promo
  113. Apple fires Chinese supplier after discovering underage workers in factories
  114. The Boston Globe uses vacation funds to purchase iPads for schools
  115. First Footage of “jOBS” Movie Surfaces
  116. Twin-stick gaming Audojo case for iPad launched on Kickstarter
  117. Washington Zoo uses iPads to cognitively challenge orangutans
  118. iPad 5 and iOS7 Said to be Launching at Easter to Coincide with “jOBS” Movie
  119. The iPad as Art Piece!
  120. Opera will release Ice browser for iOS
  121. The Amazon MP3 store is now optimized for iPad and iPhone
  122. Temple Run 2 Downloaded 20 Million Times Over the Weekend!
  123. Video Report Highlights the Danger of Unprotected Printer Servers
  124. Sharp Dramatically Slows Down 9.7-inch iPad Screen Production
  125. Q4 iPad Sales Figures Expected to be Weak
  126. Rolling Stones magazine for the iPad is now available
  127. iPad 5 rumored to be significantly lighter and slimmer
  128. Apple’s Upcoming Earnings Report is More Crucial Than Ever
  129. Temple Run 2 is Out Today!
  130. Smartphones Using More Data Than Tablets For First Time Ever
  131. Advertisers prefer to do business more on the iPad than the iPhone
  132. Delta Air Lines releases “glass bottom jet” app for iPad
  133. Is Apple Planning a Super-Retina Device?
  134. iPad Mini Was the “Kids’ Tablet” For Holiday Period
  135. Microsoft Sells Under a Million Surface Tablets
  136. Facebook Messenger for iPad could be released this week
  137. Apple’s first conference call of 2013 could be the most important in 10 years
  138. Hyper Launches iUSBport Range
  139. New iPad Mini and Regular iPad Could be Here by March
  140. Apple files patent related to a location aware emergency app
  141. Apple Weighs Up Options for Next iPad Mini
  142. Tablets will outperform notebook shipments in 2013
  143. The standalone iPad could be America's 11th tech company
  144. LEGO Launches iOS-Compatible Mindstorms EV3 Robots at CES
  145. iOS is Top-Selling Smartphone OS in US
  146. jOBS movie to be released in April, 2013
  147. By 2014, Apple will sell to businesses iPads and Macs worth almost $40 billion
  148. It’s an Angry Birds Christmas With 30 Million Downloads!
  149. Apple Q1 2013 earnings conference call set for January 23rd
  150. Apple files patent for “Active stylus”
  151. Analyst Predicts Impressive Holiday Results for Apple
  152. Paris Apple store robbed: thieves take goods worth more than $1 million
  153. Apple moves closer to breaking the processor-making partnership with Samsung
  154. “Insatiable Demand” for iPad Mini Reported in China
  155. Is Google Finance Surreptitiously Poking Fun at Apple?
  156. iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter, could have iPad mini design specs
  157. iOS 6.1 Will be Even Harder to Jailbreak
  158. Safari in iOS 6 Affected by Bug That Reenables JavaScript
  159. Apple's mysterious Azalea factory could be built in Oregon
  160. UPS Man Takes iPad Mini Just Delivered by FedEx
  161. Tumblr app finally gets optimized for the iPad
  162. Australian university buys 11,000 iPads for students and teacher staff
  163. Tim Cook is Runner-Up for Time Person of the Year
  164. Siri Turning to Google Less and Less for Information
  165. Apple Said to Have Ordered 2 Million Extra iPad Minis
  166. Apple Pinch - to - Zoom Patent Stomped
  167. Launch of Google Maps Leads to Massive iOS 6 Uptake
  168. Next generation iPad mini might be already on its way
  169. YouTube Launches its Own Camera App
  170. 10 Million Copies of Google Maps Downloaded Already
  171. Best Buy Offering $100 iTunes Gift Card for $85
  172. All Halfbrick Games Are Free For 24 Hours, Including Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride
  173. iPad Mini is Attracting New Tablet Customers for Apple
  174. Rovio’s Christmas deal for HD games ends today
  175. [Rumor] WalMart to Offer iPhone 5 for Just $127 & iPad 3-Gen for $399 Starting Dec 17
  176. Rod Stewart Track Kicks Off Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas App Relaunch in UK
  177. iPad Mini So Popular it Could Become the Main iPad
  178. Facebook for iOS updated to 5.3 version
  179. More Rumours Surface That Next iPad Mini Will Have a High-Res Display
  180. Buy or Rent movies via iTunes in 42 new countries
  181. Mozilla Rallies Against ITU Governance of the Internet
  182. Angry birds turns 3, releases birthday goodies
  183. Apple Said to be Definitely Working on TV Set
  184. Twitter App Adds Image Filters After Losing Integrated Instagram Photos
  185. Instagram unleashes updated iOS app
  186. iPad Mini’s Daily Ad Impressions Already Beating Kindle Fire
  187. Could There be a New iPhone and iPad as Soon as Next June?
  188. Pokémon Pokédex iOS App Released
  189. iPad Mini Orders Catch Up, and Gets Fast Cellular Service in the UK
  190. iPad Mini Launch in China Beset by Scalpers
  191. Tim Cook Talks About His First Year as Apple CEO
  192. Tim Cook Hints at Apple TV Plans
  193. T-Mobile Finally Signs Deal With Apple
  194. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hits the App Store
  195. iPad Expected to Have 50% Market Share Until 2016
  196. Google Launches Standalone iOS YouTube App for iPad
  197. Google releases updated iPad app, improves local search
  198. Google Launches Revised Gmail App for iOS
  199. Apple started seeding iOS 6.1 beta 3 to devs this week
  200. Apple On Course to Ship 26 Million iPads This Quarter
  201. New York Times Says iPad Mini is “By Far the Best iPad.”
  202. Aston Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Biopic Will Close the Sundance Film Festival in January
  203. Future iPads could have Intel processors inside
  204. iPad 4 tests proves the fourth generation tablet incredible speed
  205. The Daily is Closing on December 15
  206. Apple Launches Variable Cost Gift Cards for iTunes
  207. Apple is researching an advanced type of wireless charging technology
  208. iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Get December Release Dates for China
  209. Apple Releases iTunes 11
  210. Order iPad mini before 5 December to get it until Christmas for sure
  211. Apple is Ahead of the Game in China’s Tablet Market
  212. The iPad is becoming the preferred method for e-commerce shopping
  213. iTunes gift cards pop up in the Facebook Gifts section
  214. New video showcases Apple’s retail philosophy
  215. Apple Fires Maps Manager
  216. iOS Overtakes Android in the US Again
  217. Apple’s 2012 Profits Dwarf Those of All its Major Competitors Combined
  218. Apple – dumping Samsung as a Battery provider
  219. Korg iPolysix App Brings the Synth to Your iPad
  220. Tablets to Topple Notebooks in 2013?
  221. Most iPad Mini Screens Made by LG, Not Samsung
  222. iPad Rules the Roost for Online Shopping at Thanksgiving
  223. Barclays Bank Invests in Over 8,000 iPads
  224. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming to iOS Dec 6
  225. iTunes 11 Coming Soon
  226. Apple’s spaceship like compound gets opening delayed for 2016
  227. Best Buy offers $50 price cut on any iPad 3 + $75 bonus card
  228. iPadForums Would Like to Wish Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!
  229. Looks Like AT&T is Rolling Out FaceTime-Over-Cellular to All Customers
  230. iPads Are Still the Most Wanted Gadget for Young and Old Alike
  231. iPad Hacker Could Be Jailed After Exposing Security Hole
  232. Facebook will soon automatically grab your iOS photos and post them online
  233. Analyst Talks iPad Mini Retina and iPhone 5 Refresh in 2013
  234. First Arrest Made in iPad Mini Heist Case
  235. Apple Posts First Black Friday Sale Details
  236. Nokia’s Here Maps App is, um, Here!
  237. OpenFeint is Closing
  238. AC/DC’s Entire Catalogue Finally Lands on iTunes
  239. Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 to Launch Mid-2013
  240. Ebay opens gates to official Apple refurbished store
  241. LostWinds 2 Goes Free for a Day
  242. Google’s Maps App Could be Closer Than You Think
  243. Report: iPhone and iPad sales will surpass predictions made so far
  244. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Start Selling iPad Mini LTE and Fourth-Gen iPad LTE
  245. Belkin announces Bluetooth new keyboard case for the iPad mini
  246. Djay for iOS Goes Free for a Day
  247. Flipboard’s Latest Update Focuses on Books
  248. Harman Announces World’s First Lightning Dock Speakers for iOS
  249. $1.5 Million-Worth of iPad Minis Stolen in Heist
  250. Samsung Says it Has Not Raised its Chip Prices