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  1. Here goes
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  12. Looking for apps that let me customize a form and save it.
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  22. Easy (fast) highligh in .doc or .rtf
  23. Budget App
  24. An All-In-One App (Social, calendar, weather, and mail on one screen)
  25. Looking at a solution/ app if already available
  26. Keyboard
  27. Office HD2 app--navigating between cloud (dropbox) and local files
  28. Best Split Scrn text ediing apps- my list
  29. productivity fan-introducing myself
  30. Bento Alternatives and what happens to my db if I upgrade to Bento 4?
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  35. Use iPad camera via RDP
  36. Need a To-Do List app for managing other people's tasks
  37. Looking for a Screenshot to PDF convertor that allows annotations.
  38. Document Manager - An Awesome App For Document Management
  39. 1-click calling notes
  40. Digital signing app
  41. Deleting all emails in folders or accounts "junk" "trash" & deleting all texts
  42. Mailbox
  43. Budegt / Finance apps
  44. Best app for incorporating photos into documents
  45. Looking for a free FTP app
  46. Palm rejection for people who write with their wrists to the left of fingers
  47. Forms App
  48. An Awesome Free App was introduced from techcrunch today
  49. Um
  50. Airprinting
  51. Best apps for designing and creating dabases for MySQL?
  52. Journal that Syncs across devices
  53. Mailing marketing app
  54. CAD drawing design
  55. Life without Keynote
  56. Please tell me what i am going wrong.
  57. Is there a MySQL form builder for iPad?
  58. question about data base managment
  59. Contacts and accounts
  60. GTD for Evernote users?
  61. Wondering if anyone has tried AwecCal?
  62. Can i password my pages app?
  63. Goodreader
  64. Filebrowser app remote access
  65. Replacement for paper planner for logging events
  66. Using CloudOn
  67. Momentsia Photo & Video
  68. PDF annotations apps
  69. Print to pdf, app or bookmarklet
  70. list of pages in Xcode for iPad
  71. Ipad 2
  72. Does Notability have a built in web browser?
  73. Webpage Design
  74. VPN for ipad
  75. Mathematics App
  76. WhatsApp for ipad
  77. Irisnotes hd
  78. MS Word / Excel editting free app !
  79. Annotate in PPT file but KEEP Annotations in PPT format
  80. Word app for ipad mini?
  81. Need new productivity app!
  82. word processor compatible with dropbox / pc and which shows page breaks?
  83. Wathsapp on my ipad 3 not supported ... How to fix ???
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  85. Credit card on file?
  86. scanning app
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  89. selecting annotations in iAnnotate -- PLEASE HELP
  90. iAnnotate transparent toolbars - PLEASE SUPPORT
  91. Walker - The Smartest Productivity App for iPhone
  92. Already have Docs to Go on my Droid.....using Quickoffice on Ipad?
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  94. Pages help
  95. Cabin Rental Scheduling App?
  96. Excel Formula Help in Numbers
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  98. Apps for secretarial/administration duties?
  99. Looking for simple video editor
  100. My photos Problem
  101. Sportstap App
  102. Docs to Go help please
  103. Siri Voice
  104. Moving around all tasks of that day at once app? :-)
  105. Passbook
  106. WireShare App:A new generation of Reader recommended by Apple officially (PDF TXT...)
  107. Forms / database app with dropbox sync
  108. Watch latest hollywood movies on ipad...
  109. PDF Browsing over the Network without downloading
  110. Numbers Help Please!
  111. Konica Minolta Printer App: PageScope Mobile for iPad/iPhone
  112. Mega cloud. Similar to dropbox. 8GB free
  113. Organization app for teacher
  114. Navigation app
  115. Something similar to documents to go?
  116. Software/App that can display a presentation on a PC to multiple iPad's?
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  118. Franklin Covey
  119. iCalendar vs pocket informant
  120. Ipad Marketing Plan App
  121. Keeping Landscape format in Excel documents when using Office2HD
  122. help with Docs to Go
  123. Ipad app for creating spreadsheet with interactive buttons
  124. Iannotate create new PDF from two Pdf's
  125. Personal Database for "New iPad"
  126. New Ipad user. Do i need an antivirus app?plz help ty
  127. Diary / Tasks App
  128. Whiteboard Mojo iPad app will bring a physical whiteboard on an iPad screen
  129. Any app at all with ms paint-like ability to select then move/cut/paste/resize?
  130. PDF Expert VS GoodReader
  131. Need PDF Reading App With Dedicated Notes (NOT Just Annotation)
  132. Microsoft documents on ipad
  133. I want my facebook via ipad
  134. Printer
  135. To do app?
  136. Calender fail
  137. Dual screen / split screen app
  138. security code request.
  139. Circus Ponies NoteBook
  140. Llooking for a schedule tracking app
  141. Need strong notetaking app suggestion
  142. Drawing Tools App?
  143. Note taking app and scan handouts
  144. Best App EVER! Notetaking, drawing, brainstorming
  145. [NEW APP] - iNote+ HD - First Metro Style Note Taking App For iPad
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  150. Note taking app that writes like pen and paper?
  151. looking for a note app
  152. Note taker App with good wrist support feature....Know one?
  153. Need app for note-taking w/ Windows Explorer or Finder like organizational capability
  154. What's the best app for taking hand written notes on ipad
  155. Notes on iPad 2
  156. Note taking, pdf editing apps
  157. Note Taking and File Management App
  158. App for taking notes at a Meeting
  159. Looking For a Note-Taking / Presentation App
  160. Note taker for iPad
  161. Lefty Note Taking
  162. Can somebody advise me a good note taking app
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  165. File/folder security
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  168. Best handwriting recognition apps (OCR) by far.
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  171. does anyone use their iPad2 for taking handwritten notes?
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