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iPad Usability Study Finds iPad Apps Beautiful but Frustrating

This is a discussion on iPad Usability Study Finds iPad Apps Beautiful but Frustrating within the Apple iPad News forums, part of the Apple iPad Forums category; my friends and i are haveing this go around about the ipad and where and how it will fall in the personal computering area.. i ...

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    my friends and i are haveing this go around about the ipad and where and how it will fall in the personal computering area..

    i keep telling them the next ipad or the following unit will be the laptop kill for apple for personal use of the computer for the ipad will be able to do a lot more ..for everything apple learns now is going to be bult into the next unit or it might not be then next one that comes out but it going to happen .

    most of the people now days do only six things on a computer i am told by a person works at advertising agency who track the socalled public buying of computer products along with how the person is going to be useing the computer for ..robbie tells me that most of the people who buy apple are for school use and heavy duty graphics design along with anytype of design production for diff type of items for the market and the people who by pc units falls into two areas business and personal use he says....

    he says this are the six areas in which a person use the home computer for ..

    1-surf the web for diff projects that they might need info on

    2-pay a few bills online and check payments

    3- read emails and send emails

    4-plays a few games here and there ..

    5-shop the web for diff items that they want ..

    the main area for women are the following areas
    cloths for the kids
    print out adds for the grocery store
    find deals in the local areas food stores
    blogs about the diff things.
    dvd and book sites
    fanfare sites like the twilight fan site ..my girlfriend is really into that website .this is the first thing my girlfriend checks in the morning after getting up in the morning..she will sit down and check the diff post about the books and the movies...
    online food shopping for some products can be found at a better price online than in the local stores

    the women will have more bookmarks than most men for they have wide range of website that they go to on a daily bases

    the main area for men are in the following areas
    dvds and books sites
    along with game release sites for new games comeing out and the reviews for them ..
    adult websites.and do not say you do not look at them
    shoping for diff things like a birthday gift for mom or dad that does not live close by or shopping for the wife or the kid
    your forums that you belong like this one

    6-basic downloading and burning music to cd or mp3 players .

    the really hardcore gamers are the one who are pushing the edges in a lot of areas of power for there gameing system he tells me for they allways want the fast chip and the best games graphics cards to the next level

    a lot of my friends fall into the hardcore gamer types that will and can sit the whole weekend playing a one game online with three or four other people and that all they do all weekend sleep and play that game ..

    me i like a good game of cards here and there and i have spent all night playing pokers here and there ..but i do not make a habit out of it ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4phun View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by gentlefury View Post
    This study is total BS....A retarded 5 year old could figure out anything on the iPad....iWork so far is the only app that had a slight learning curve.
    Obama said he could not figure it out.
    all right, lucky enough that he got enough smart people, who work for him...
    Most likely written on my iPad

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