Cult of Mac reports that New Yorker James Green from Brooklyn has his Apple Watch to thank for saving his life by detecting a pulmonary embolism. Twenty-eight-year-old Green says that he bought his Apple Watch because he’s a serial data-tracker and bought it to use it for the notifications and to track his bike rides.

Unbeknownst to Green, he was suffering from a pulmonary embolism, which did not reveal itself with any symptoms. However, when wearing his Apple Watch, the HeartWatch app notified him that his heart rate was unusually high despite him being inactive. On checking some older readings, he realised that he had an urgent medical problem, and on going to hospital the doctors confirmed that he had a pulmonary embolism.

“Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought 2 years ago would save my life. Saw my heart rate go up, ending up being a pulmonary embolism,” tweeted Green.

7 News reported that Green said in a subsequent tweet that he has now been officially discharged from hospital, and that he will now have to be on blood thinners to save his life.

Stories like these are why I find Apple’s research on how the Apple Watch might be used to check for high blood pressure to be so exciting. That is surely the next big step from the company in its bid to make the world healthier, and could affect so many lives around the world.

Sources: Apple Watch saves man from pulmonary embolism | Cult of Mac

Man says Apple Watch notification saved his life

9to5 Mac reports that according to new data from Kantar, iOS has seen its market share growth increase year-on-year in August in seven of the nine biggest markets that Kantar is monitoring. The most notable exception to the rule is the UK, which saw a two-point fall as the result of a big marketing campaign from Samsung.

In the US, iOS market share rose 3.7 points up to 35% from 31.3% in August 2016. In contrast, Android fell by 2.9 points in the same period.

In the five biggest markets in Europe , iOS marketshare rose 1.2 points to 18.4%, with the exception of the UK, where Kantar says that iOS marketshare fell by 2 points thanks to a robust Samsung in the UK and the release of the Galaxy S8 and J3 (2016) models.
Source: iOS gains market share in U.S. and elsewhere, falls in UK due to Samsung promotions

MacRumors reports today on a new survey from Piper Jaffray as part of its semiannual U.S. teen survey. According to Piper Jaffray’s figures, 78% of those teens surveyed own an iPhone, which represents an increase of 2% from the spring 2017 survey. Also, 82% of teens surveyed said that their next smartphone would be an iPhone, which is the highest ever figure of interest in such a survey.

It’s very likely that such a high level of interest among teens is down to the 2017 iPhone line-up, and in particular, the forthcoming iPhone X, which is claimed to be Apple’s most revolutionary phone to date.

The survey has more encouraging news for Apple with data showing that teen interest in the Apple Watch is also on the rise: 17% of those surveyed said that they intended to buy an Apple Watch in the next 6 months, up from 13% in the spring 2017 survey.

And there’s even good news about Apple Music, with the platform now having a 17% share of time spent with music for teens, gaining ground over the likes of Pandora. Spotify and You Tube still dominate this sector, of course.

Piper Jaffray said that the survey results are a “positive point” for iPhone 8 and iPhone X demand, and also for growing Apple Watch interest. The survey featured the views of 6,000 teens with an average age of 15.9 years in 44 U.S.

Source: 78% of Teens Surveyed Own an iPhone, 82% Plan to Purchase

Following on from recent news that Apple is working on a way of measuring blood pressure using the Apple Watch, AppleInsider today has news of a patent application that has just been made public that reveals that Apple is working on automatic blood pressure monitoring technology.

The new technology would involve “intelligent blood pressure monitoring,” where an alert would be triggered by special user-set parameters, or by data collected by sensors on devices such as the Apple Watch. These parameters could include after taking medication, or when the user was in a certain physical or psychological state, determined by the sensors. Other circumstances would also be taken into account when triggering (or not) an alarm, such as whether or not the user was in a meeting, or sleeping.

The patent also refers to continuous monitoring situations such as when a patient is in hospital, and does include the use of traditional blood pressure cuffs as well as other methods.

Yet more great news that Apple is really serious about making people’s lives better, and possibly even saving lives, by making such important health monitoring easier and more efficient.

Source: Apple investigating automatic blood pressure monitoring technology

If you’re finding that you can’t connect to Facebook or Instagram, don’t worry, it’s not just you, as Mashable, along with many other news outlets, is reporting that both Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, are down worldwide. When you try to connect, you’ll simply see a sad square face and a message saying “This page isn’t working.”

The first sign of problems appeared at around 11:11 a.m. EST today, and the issue appears to have spread to both desktop and mobile platforms. Services such as Down Detector and Outage Report are also showing mass outages, with Outage Report showing that the East and West coast in the US and also Europe have been particularly badly affected.

Facebook-linked services such as SocialFlow are also reporting lag and “delays or errors publishing to FB.”

Some Facebook users are still able to view their News Feed, but are unable to post updates or share posts.

The Instagram problems don’t appear to be as widespread as those on Facebook, but that situation could swiftly change.

Facebook has said that it is aware of the mass outage in a statement to Mashable, and that it’s “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” It has also now posted an update on Facebook for Developers, stating that “we are currently experiencing an increased level of API errors. We are investigating the cause and we’ll post updates when we have more information.”

Source: Bad news: Facebook is down

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, via 9to5 Mac, Apple has just signed a deal with Steven Spielberg to make new content.

“The tech giant has struck a deal with Mr. Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Comcast Corp.’s CMCSA -0.36% NBCUniversal television production unit to make new episodes of ‘Amazing Stories,’” said the WSJ.

The WSJ’s sources say that Spielberg will be producing 10 episodes of the series, with each episode expected to have a budget of at least $5 million. Previous news stories about Apple’s content-creation plans have said that the company has set aside a budget of $1 billion for up to 10 original series to be created in 2018.

The WSJ also says that Apple executives Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg, who recently moved to Apple from Sony Television, are “building out a video strategy that is expected to include a streaming service that rivals Netflix Inc., Inc. and others.”

Source: WSJ: Apple strikes deal with Steven Spielberg for new ‘Amazing Stories’ sci-fi

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