Last night’s post season Vikings vs. Saints game was such a thriller that it seems it actually set off people’s Apple Watch heart rate alerts, according to BGR. The upgraded heart rate warning alert was one of the very useful, and, in some cases, life-saving, features introduced in watchOS 4 last year. It alerts the wearer if their heart rate rises dramatically, especially when the wearer is in a resting state when the heart rate would not...

Niantic has announced today that it is to hold a monthly Pokémon Go Community Day event that will be dedicated to Pokémon Go Trainers.

According to Niantic, this will give Trainers around the world the chance to meet and make friends with other members of the Pokémon Go community at their local parks.

Each month, the Pokémon Go Community Day event will feature a special Pokémon that will appear frequently all around the world for just a few...

AppleInsider reports that secure messaging app Confide has designed a way to stop messages that appear in its iOS app being saved as screenshots.

Confide is apparently a popular app with journalists and politicians due to its privacy features, including end-to-end encryption and deleting messages and files. However, the fact that it is possible to take screenshots of messages in the app meant that it was not...

In an exclusive report from Variety, Jimmy Iovine has totally refuted rumours that we reported on last week that said he would be leaving Apple in August.

Pokémon Go creator Niantic announced today that with a forthcoming update to Pokémon Go, it will discontinue support for any Apple devices that can’t be upgraded to iOS 11, which includes the likes of iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, 3rd and 4th generation iPads, 1st generation iPad mini, and iPad 2. The company says that it is making the move due to the improvements that it is introducing to the game, which push it “beyond the capabilities of the operating...

If you’ve been waiting to buy a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, then now might be a good time to visit the online Apple Refurbished store, as that particular model has just been added to the store in the US and Canada, according to MacRumors.

You can choose from approximately 20 different configurations, such as those with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular. Prices are approximately 15% less than standard retail prices. Some examples of pricing include $549 for...

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