If you’ve been planning to buy Apple’s Siri-driven HomePod smart speaker this holiday season, then unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed, as Apple has announced today in the following statement that it has pushed the HomePod release date back to the beginning of 2018.
When the HomePod was first unveiled by Apple back at its WWDC in June, it was expected to be released in December (and in fact the official Apple website still says “Available December,” but now it will be shipping in January at the earliest.

Apple did not reveal the specific reason why it had decided to delay the launch of the smart speaker, but it could have something to do with perfecting AirPlay 2, which is a big part of HomePod.

Source: Apple delaying HomePod smart speaker launch until next year

MacRumors writes that according to Chinese website MyDrivers, the 2018 iPad Pro range is set to feature octa-core A11X processors developed using TSMC’s new 7nm manufacturing process.

Apparently, sources in Apple’s supply chain have divulged that the eight cores in the new chip boast three high-performance “Monsoon” cores and five energy-efficient “Mistral” cores.

The latest iPhone X A11 Bionic chip is manufactured using a 10nm process, and utilises TSMC’s integrated fan-out wafer wafer level packaging, or InFO WLP, and the A11X Bionic chip will have the same features, according to the source.

The current 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models both have the A10X Fusion chip.

Next year’s iPad Pro line-up is rumoured to have an iPhone-X-style redesign, complete with thinner bezels Face ID replacing the home button. However, due to issues with sourcing large amounts of bigger OLED displays, it’s most likely that the 2018 iPad Pros will still have LCD displays.

Image: Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) | Twitter

Source: 2018 iPad Pro Models Could Have Very Fast Octa-Core A11X Bionic Chip

AppleInsider reports on a great story that originally appeared in the Daily Mail about how a kitesurfer was rescued from shark-infested waters off the coast of California thanks to the cellular function of his new Apple Watch Series 3.

According to the report, 49-year-old John Zilles crashed his hydrofoil while surfing in shark-infested waters and could not re-launch his kite. He was able to alert the Coast Guard to his predicament via his Apple Watch Series 3.

“I was out learning to foil on a light wind, and was cruising along, proud of myself, and realized I was quite a way offshore,” Zilles told the Daily Mail. “I had a huge wipeout, and my hydrofoil skated away from me. As I was swimming away, my kite fell down, and because it was a calm day so I couldn’t get it to fly again. Suddenly I was a mile offshore and my ride was over.”

Zilles tried to swim to the shore but was hampered by his gear. He looked at his Apple Watch to tell the time, then remembered that he could also now use it to make calls.

“I was really surprised that I had a strong signal, so I called my kids, and said, ‘Don’t worry, I crashed and I’m swimming to shore, and will be home late. I then called my son back, and asked him to send me the number of the Coast Guard, just in case.”

When his son sent him the number, and he started to realise that there were great white sharks in the area, Zilles called the Coast Guard who were able to find him.

Back on dry land and safe and sound, Zilles said that he wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook to tell him about how his product had helped him, and Cook replied, “Wow. Happy to hear you are safe.”

Image: #GoCoastGuard (@gocoastguard) • Instagram photos and videos

Source: Apple Watch helps save kitesurfer in shark-infested waters | Cult of Mac

According to new figures from Canalys, via MacRumors, Apple has once again taken the lead in the global wearable brand market, largely as a result of the very strong Apple Watch shipments in this year’s third quarter. Canalys’ data shows that Apple shipped 3.9 million units in Q3 of this year, up on last year’s 2.8 million in the same quarter.

As a result, Apple now has 23% of the wearables market worldwide, just slightly ahead of Xiaomi on 21%, the previous occupant of the top spot. However, despite the popularity of the newly released Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, Canalys says that it was only responsible for 800,000 shipments due to supply constraints.

For this reason, Canalys analyst Jason Low said that “the Apple Watch Series 3 did not reach its full potential in Q3. It suffered limited availability as demand outstripped supply in major markets. Service providers had underestimated demand for the new Apple Watch.”

Source: Apple Retakes Top Spot in Global Wearables Market

AppleInsider reports today that YouTube, which is owned by Google, has told customers that it is currently looking into a bug in its iOS app that is leading to very heavy battery drain on both iPads and iPhones, even when the app is running in the background.

YouTube announced that it is working on a fix in a post on Twitter. The company was first alerted to the problem by iOS users who complained about it on various social media platforms, including reddit. One user said that their iPhone X battery had drained by 20% in just 30 minutes. Aside from the battery drain issue, other users have also complained that the iPhone or iPad gets very hot when running the YouTube app.

Apparently the problem could have been caused by the recent iOS 11.1.x update, which YouTube says was possibly badly optimized.

One way of getting around the issue until YouTube works out a fix is to watch YouTube videos on your browser rather than via the app.

Source: YouTube promises fix for severe battery drain on iPhones & iPads

Niantic, the company behind the record-breaking Pokémon Go phenomenon, has announced that it has teamed up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite, an augmented reality game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. The game will use similar state-of-the-art augmented reality technology such as that featured in Pokémon Go to enable fans to use magic just like the heroes of J.K. Rowling’s Potterverse.

Just as with Pokémon Go, players will be able to explore their real-world neighbourhoods and cities all over the world, going on adventures, learning how to cast spells, finding artefacts, and meeting legendary beasts and iconic characters.

The new game is the first to be developed under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s new Portkey Games, which is dedicated to creating video game and mobile experiences inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.
More details about the game will be announced next year, but you can go here to sign up to receive all the latest news as it comes in....

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