9to5 Mac reports today on some stunning new 4K drone footage courtesy of Matthew Roberts, which gives a great view of the atrium of the Steve Jobs Theater. It appears that the building work is progressing steadily, and in the video you can see some finishing touches, such as the solar panels that all appear to be in place. Once they are fully up and running, they will be able to generate 17 megawatts of power in peak daylight, providing approximately 75% of the power that the campus requires, with the rest of the power being provided by on-site fuel cells.

The theatre will be kept cool in the hottest months of the year by a ventilation system with natural airflow, aided by the window shades. With these measures in place, Apple thinks that no artificial heating or cooling will be required for 9 months of the year.

In the video, aside from lots of glorious footage of the main campus, you can also see two R&D buildings in the southern part of the campus, where Jony Ive’s industrial design and human interface teams will be based.

Source: Latest 4K drone video shows landscaping progress at Apple Park, closer look at Steve Jobs Theater atrium

MacRumors reports that according to the Chinese-language Economic News Daily, Apple Watch Series 3 has entered “final testing phase,” meaning that it is perfectly on schedule for the rumoured September launch.

According to the report’s anonymous sources, Taiwan’s Quanta Computer is manufacturing the watches, and will begin shipping them to Apple in the fourth quarter, ready for a September launch along with the three new iPhones and possibly even a 4K Apple TV.

As for what the Apple Watch Series 3 will look like, the experts seem to be a little divided on this one, with KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo saying recently that there will not be any “obvious” form-factor changes, and Daring Fireball’s Jon Gruber saying the opposite, i.e., that the Series 3 will have an all-new form-factor.

However, yesterday Gruber said “it could also be that both my birdie and Kuo are correct. The phrase ‘will not feature an obvious new form factor’ leaves a lot of wiggle room with the word ‘obvious.’”

Source: Apple Watch Series 3 Enters 'Final Testing Phase' Ahead of Rumored September Launch

AppleInsider reports today on a new note to investors from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, in which he says that the forthcoming Apple Watch with LTE will not support traditional cellular calls, contrary to other recent rumours.

Kuo says that Apple will most likely add support for such calls in a subsequent software update, but in the meantime, various apps such as FaceTime and third-party apps such as Skype will provide the voice call service.

“Technologically, while it’s feasible for LTE Apple Watch to support voice service & replace iPhones’ phone function,” said Kuo, “we think it must first improve the user experience of data transmission (not via iPhone).”

Kuo goes on to say that not adding call support to the new Apple Watch will help Apple when it is negotiating with carriers, making things a lot simpler. It will also let Apple completely scrap 3G connectivity and focus on LTE.

Source: Apple Watch with LTE may not support cellular voice calls at launch, instead focus on data

BGR reports today on new images that have leaked that are claimed to be the first ever seen of an Apple OLED TV being built. The photos initially appeared on Chinese microblogging website Weibo, and if genuine, they could vindicate long-time expert Apple analyst Gene Munster’s long-held belief that Apple would eventually release its own branded “iTV.” For years, Munster predicted that Apple would eventually release its own flat-screen TV line-up, so could these images actually show this?

As often with leaked images, it’s not at all easy to tell what they actually show, but it looks a lot like an Apple-branded OLED TV undergoing some sort of lab testing. The silver metal and overall design do look very Apple-like. However, the source has very little additional information about the images, other than to say that the screen pictured is approximately 60 inches, and that the TV has two front-facing cameras.

Some websites think that these images are dubious at best, but BGR seems less sceptical, so it will be interesting to see if we start seeing more leaks about a possible Apple OLED TV very soon.

Source: Photos of an Apple OLED TV may have just been exposed in the biggest Apple leak in years

The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo has finally arrived in Pokémon Go, with Niantic announcing Mewtwo’s appearance at the Pokémon Go Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan, where thousands of Trainers had the chance to capture it. Following this appearance, Trainers worldwide will also be able to battle and catch Mewtwo as part of the new Exclusive Raid Battle feature.

Exclusive Raid Battles differ from regular Raid Battles in that Trainers have to be invited to join them. In order to be invited to an Exclusive Raid Battle, you must first have successfully completed a recent raid, defeating the Raid Boss, at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle is being held. The invites will also alert Trainers in advance to when the Exclusive Raid will be talking place, so that they can plan to take down the Raid Boss with other Trainers.

Mewtwo will be the first Pokémon to star in the Exclusive Raid Battles, and then other powerful Pokémon will start to hatch from the Raid Eggs that you can find at Exclusive Raid Battles.

Niantic also announced that from August 14 until August 31, Legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia will all be appearing in Raid Battles.

Source: Mewtwo Coming to Exclusive Raid Battles Soon! - Pokémon GO

According to a new report from Nikkei, via MacRumors, the rumoured supplier for Apple’s forthcoming HomePod smart speaker, Inventec Appliances, has hinted during an earnings press conference that the HomePod might be in short supply at launch.

While Inventec Appliances president David Ho did not mention the HomePod by name during his address at the press conference, the clues are all there, from the timeframe of late in 2017 to the description of the “smart home device.”

In his speech, Ho said that the device’s contribution to Inventec’s revenue would be “fairly limited,” but “hopefully that will improve next year,” he added.

Arthur Liao, an analyst at Taipei’s Fubon Securities, said that Inventec will only ship around 500,000 HomePod units this year, making its contribution to Inventec’s revenue less than 1%.

Further to that, Nikkei was told by one of its sources that Apple will be adding Foxconn to its HomePod supply chain next year, with HomePod orders then being split between Foxconn and Inventec.

Source: HomePod Supplies Limited at Launch, but Foxconn Coming on Board in 2018 to Increase Production

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