There are still quite a few banks in countries around the world that have yet to offer support for Apple Pay to their customers, but in the UK, at least, there is now a solution for those iPhone and iPad owners whose bank does not yet support Apple Pay with the arrival on iOS of Wirecard’s Boon mobile payment app.

The digital wallet app was previously only available on Android, but now that it is also available on iOS, iPhone and iPad owners in the UK can use Apple Pay via Boon’s NFC-compatible virtual MasterCard.

The Boon account can be topped up either via a credit card or from a bank account via the Faster Payments system in the UK (where funds are transferred within a maximum of 2 hours, and quite often instantaneously), and can then be used at Apple-Pay-compatible merchants and services in the UK.

Click here to download Boon: boon. on the App Store

Source: Apple Pay gets support for prepaid cards with Boon - only in the UK

You can always hand it to Apple to come up with great video commercials to share all of the great things they are doing in the world. They also love to celebrate the various meaningful events in our lives, because, of course, we have our iPhones nearby to help us commemorate them.

Their latest video ad is another "Shot on iPhone" promo, and this one is celebrating Mother's Day. You can enjoy the video above!

MacRumors reports that Microsoft’s Bing search engine app for iOS has an interesting new update that brings with it the ability to search the web using a photo that you’ve taken on your iPhone or iPad.

After applying the update, all you have to do is either choose a photo from your photo gallery or use the in-app camera feature to snap a picture, and Bing will search online for similar images to the one taken or selected.

You can also crop the photos to zoom in on a specific object that you want to search for, rather than just a whole big photo. Also, images that are returned to you by the search can be cropped within the app.

Aside from this new picture search function, the update also includes a new feature that will notify you when a movie that you’re interested in is available for streaming, as well as the addition of searches for bus routes and schedules in online maps.

Click here to download the free app: Bing – Fast and beautiful mobile search engine on the App Store

Source: Bing for iOS Lets Users Search Web for Images by Taking a Photo

According to new figures from IDC Worldwide, detachable tablets have bucked the downward tablet sales trend and experienced triple-digit year-over-year growth, with shipments of more than 4.9 million units representing all-time high sales figures for the first quarter of a calendar year. And it seems that it’s Apple’s iPad Pro that is having most success in this growing market.

IDC went on to say that traditional “mobile first” vendors such as Samsung and Huawei have also started to venture into the detachable table market.

Source: IDC

Drake has today released his new album exclusively on Apple Music for one week, after which it will be available elsewhere.

AppleInsider writes that Drake held a global listening party for the new 20-track album, “Views,” on Apple’s Beats 1 radio show on Thursday, during which he announced that Apple Music would have exclusive rights to the album for one week, starting today, Friday, April 29. The album is also available to buy exclusively from iTunes for one week.

Views includes singles One Dance and Pop Style.

Drake already has a very close relationship with Apple Music, having been one of the artists who announced the service, and Apple even financed his Hotline Bling music video.

Source: Drake says new album's Apple Music exclusivity just one week long

Fast Company reports today on the first wave of health apps that have been developed to take advantage of Apple’s CareKit, with the CareKit service just launching today via Github’s open source community. The service is designed to enable developers to create apps that can help patients collect their own health data, manage their own symptoms, and also send reports to their care team.

While not much has been heard publicly about CareKit since it was announced by Apple in March. the CareKit team has been busy beavering away behind the scenes, working with three startup companies that were given early access to the CareKit code. These are One Drop, for diabetes management; Glow, for reproductive health; and Iodine, which is an app to help people with depression manage their medication. The Cleveland Clinic is also currently working on an app for people who have respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

"We had about a month to play with CareKit," says Iodine founder and CEO Thomas Goetz. "It has been especially helpful for us to slot in important context in a way that makes sense to patients, like our trend data on what they can expect from an antidepressant."

It’s going to be fascinating to see what all these developers come up with, and how CareKit could revolutionize personal healthcare.

Source: Apple's First CareKit Apps Are Here

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