The latest word from reports that Apple has already or will be sending out iPad review units tomorrow. This will give selective tech sites / gadget blogs the opportunity to post a hand-ons, unboxing, or full review about a week before the scheduled release date. We here at put in a request over a month ago and we'll keep our fingers crossed that our UPS guy, Fedex lady, or USPS mailman brings us one!. If not, we have pre-ordered both versions (WiFi and 3G) and will still have a review posted after April 3rd.

With the announcement of Kindle coming to iPad, and of course Apple’s own iBooks, people are already getting very inspired and excited by the idea of books on the iPad, and according to this story on the School Library Journal website, the presentation of children’s books on the iPad might well be leading the way in terms of innovation. In the SLJ report, Josh Koppel, co-founder of ScrollMotion, a company that develops iPhone and ebook apps for book publishers, predicts that live glossaries, audio and video notes that users can create as they read, and live quizzes could all be featured in books on the iPad.

The School Library Journal adds that although many publishers are keeping their forthcoming iPad plans secret until launch, Penguin Digital have already publicly outlined their “imaginings†of how children’s books might appear on the iPad at an event in London at the beginning of March, and in the demonstration video below. Check out video after the jump, this stuff is pretty amazing!

By Maura Sutton

Holding off for the for the iPad 3G? Want the fastest possible data speeds over cellular network? Then purchasing the Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot from Sprint might be the way to go. Sprint's latest commercial shows the iPhone running over Sprint's 4G hotspot and takes aim at both AT&T and Verizon. I'd have to bet an iPad commercial is in the works. Check out the video below!

[ame=]YouTube - Make Your iPhone® 4G[/ame]

The tech wars continue with the latest buzz around Google Picasa working with the iPad. Apparently a UK reader wrote to Steve Jobs asking about Picasa Albums support on the iPad. A response sent via iPhone simply said "No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features."

{Source: 9to5Mac}

AppleInsider is reporting today that according to statistics provided by analytics firm Flurry, 44 percent of the apps being tested on the iPad are games, such as Majesty (pictured), which was one of the very first iPad games to be announced on January 29th 2010. Entertainment is the next most-tested type of app, at 14 percent, with books bringing up the rear at 3 percent.

Flurry has noted that since the iPad launch announcement, developer interest in Apple’s iTunes App Store has almost tripled, with the figures showing that games developers have the most interest of all.

Few could have predicted the massive impact that the iPhone would have on gaming, and it’s starting to look now as if the iPad will have a similar effect. Here’s Alexey Sazonov, Sales and Marketing Director at HeroCraft, makers of Majesty, commenting on what’s got HeroCraft so excited about the iPad as a gaming platform:
By Maura Sutton
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{Source: AppleInsider}

Less then two weeks to launch date and Amazon has released the first glimpse of the new Kindle App for the iPad. According to Engaget:

{Source: Engadget}

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