Australia's excellent Halfbrick Games has today announced that it has submitted the iPad HD version of it's smash hit iPhone game Fruit Ninja for release on July 11th. If you've yet to hear about this tasty gaming treat, let me tell you that the iPhone version has just passed the one million copies sold mark this...

If you've ever thought about using your iPad as an extra monitor alongside your main computer screen, check out this very useful app from Avatron Software, which is designed to help you do that very thing. It's called Air Display, and costs $9.99 from the iTunes App Store. They say it's compatible with both iPhone and...
Flash 10.1 ported to iPad, burninates the countryside (video) -- Engadget

This is very promising.....can't wait for it to be readily available!!

Variety has a story today about the launch of Disney's Disney Movies iPad app. The app is exclusive to the iPad, and features trailers, movie synopses and film showtimes. You will even be able to use it to buy a cinema ticket, as well as DVDs, Blu-ray discs and downloadable content.

Variety reports that The...

Square Enix's popular iPhone and iPod touch game, Crystal Defenders, now has its own iPad version, which has been released to the Apple iTunes App Store today. Featuring jobs and locations from the popular Final Fantasy Tactics series, such as Black Mage, the defensive simulation game requires players...
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Check out this amazing video of New York...

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