When Apple announced that it was discontinuing its entire AirPort wireless router line-up at the end of April and would keep selling them until all stock was gone, it was inevitable that the day would come when supplies became scarce, and now, according to MacRumors, that day is here, less than a month after Apple made the announcement.

If you were still hoping to pick up an AirPort Extreme, you’re now out of luck as they are all sold out,...

MacRumors reports that Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone X have just been voted Displays of the Year by The Society for Information Display (SID) at the annual Display Industry Awards at the Display Week symposium and trade show. The awards are given to those devices that represent “high-quality, innovative work that is taking place in the display industry,” according to Dr. Wei Chen, Chair of the Display Industry Awards Committee for SID.

Legendary game creator John Carmack, who was responsible for the likes of Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, has today written a post on Facebook all about his experiences working with the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, writes MacRumors. In particular, Carmack provides insights into Steve Jobs’ opinions on gaming, which Apple historians will doubtless be very interested to read.

Carmack says that he first met Jobs when the latter was still working at NeXT, when he...

Cnet reports today on how two-time US Paralympian Austin Pruitt is incorporating the Apple Watch and other Apple devices in his training schedule. In the article, Pruitt shows Cnet's Ben Fox Rubin how he now only needs to use a single Apple Watch to track his stationary workouts, whereas he previously had to use a number of different trackers set up on his racing wheelchair.

“This has everything,” Pruitt told Cnet of his set-up. “This has my...

AppleInsider has a report today about noted New Yorker illustrator Mark Ulriksen, who talks about how he has switched over entirely to iPad Pro for his work.

“I’m now evangelical and I just…everybody iPad, Apple Pencil, Procreate. It’s great,” he told Business Insider.

“I’m technologically illiterate and I’m still trying to learn how to paint,” he added. “But I really wanted to eventually work digitally because it seems like that’s what the...
According to a new report on Business Insider, via 9to5 Mac, construction company Rogers-O’Brien is saving $1.8 million a year and 55,000 hours of reduced working time, simply by using iPads.

Todd Wynne, the company’s technology head, told Business Insider that using iPads has helped the company to find a solution to a particularly persistent problem that the majority of people outside the construction industry would not even know existed.

Wynne said that...

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