Periscope broadcasts have become one of the best ways to stream and view live content on the web. So easy to use for both viewers and broadcasters, Periscope is about to get much, much bigger with the announcement from Twitter that you can now reward your favourite broadcasters with Super Hearts.

Before today, Periscope viewers could express their love for their favourite Periscoper by simply tapping the screen to send a heart during a broadcast. Now that love has just become monetised with the introduction of Super Hearts, which Twitter refers to as “a more meaningful way to celebrate your favourite broadcasters…virtual gifts you can give and receive during live broadcasts.”

Bigger, and more animated, Super Hearts can be enabled by tapping the Super Hearts icon during the broadcast to activate them, then simply tap away as usual to send them.

To fund the Super Hearts you must first tap “get coins” and then buy a coin package from the App Store. You can then send Super Hearts until your coins run out, and then rinse and repeat! By sending Super Hearts you’ll be added to a leaderboard that will show who has given each broadcaster the most support. In turn, the broadcaster will be able to easily view who are their most loyal supporters.

Super Hearts can only be sent during a live broadcast, and broadcasters don’t have to use them if they don’t want to, they can simply chose to keep the old style hearts.

Each Super Heart is worth a different star value, and counts towards a broadcaster’s star balance. Twitter says that it is also launching a Super Broadcaster Program today alongside Super Hearts, and will be inviting broadcasters into the program. Broadcasters that are invited into the program can exchange their star balance for cash. The program is currently US-only, but will roll out to other countries soon.

This seems like a genius move from Team Periscope just as the platform is really taking off in a big...

Niantic is today rolling out possibly the biggest and most significant Pokémon Go update since the game was first launched last summer. Just as announced by the company a couple of days ago, the update ushers in a massive overhaul of the Gym system, as well as paving the way for the new Raid Battles.

First up, here are the release notes and comments from the Pokémon Go team:
Also included in the update, as noted by Polygon, is a way of shaming cheaters, meaning that those Pokémon that have been obtained via cheating, i.e., what a Niantic rep referred to on Reddit today as “using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay,” will be “marked with a slash in the inventory and may not behave as expected.” The Niantic rep did not reveal just how strangely the marked Pokémon might act, maybe it will even admonish the player in some way, which would be kind of cool to see! Polygon has asked Niantic for more confirmation about how differently Pokémon caught via cheating methods might behave.

Sources: 'Pokemon GO' Big Gym and Raid Update Going Live Now

Pokémon Go has a new way to shame cheaters

Niantic has today announced some exciting new features for Pokémon Go that include revamped Gyms and all-new Raid Battles.

Starting with the Gyms, Niantic says that the forthcoming “major facelift” will include being able to spin Photo Discs to acquire items at Gyms just as you already do at PokéStops. And in another major change, Gyms will no longer be based on Prestige and training, and instead will now comprise six permanent slots occupied by the Pokémon of the controlling team, each of which must be unique, i.e., you can’t have two Blisseys assigned to a Gym at the same time, for example. Also, opposing teams will now battle the Pokémon in the same order in which they were assigned to the Gym.

The new motivation system for Gyms is also very different. Now, when a Pokémon is assigned to a Gym, you’ll see a motivation meter, which will decrease over time, and when the Pokémon loses in battle. The more motivation a Pokémon loses, the more its CP will decrease temporarily, and the more easily it will be beaten by the opposition.

To help boost your Pokémon’s motivation, you can feed your Pokémon Berries. If it should happen to lose all motivation, it will exit the Gym and be returned to its Trainer as soon as it loses a battle.

It will also now be possible to earn Gym Badges when interacting with Gyms, which can be levelled up by battling, feeding Berries to the Pokémon, and spinning the Gym’s Photo Disc.

The new Raid Battle Feature is expected to roll out slowly over the next few weeks in beta form initially after the Gyms are first upgraded. Raid Battles are cooperative gameplay bouts where you get to work with other Trainers to defeat an incredibly powerful Raid Boss Pokémon. You can earn one free Raid Pass per day from visiting a Gym, and can only hold one at a time. Successfully defeat the Raid Boss within a 5-minute time limit and you can attempt to catch a super powerful Pokémon.

Source: Niantic

AppleInsider reports that following a brief introduction at WWDC recently Ikea has now officially announced that it is currently developing on an ARKit catalog for iPhone.

Speaking to Di Digital, Ikea’s leader of Digital Transformation, Michael Valdsgaard, said that this will be the first AR app to help users to buy actual physical goods. He did add, though, that being able to buy furniture in-app might not be in the first version.

Using the same basic principals as smash-hit AR game Pokémon Go, Ikea’s app will superimpose items from the retailer’s catalog in the shopper’s own home space in real-time, as well as adding lighting effects, all of which will be viewable through your iPhone or iPad screen.

Using ARKit’s abilities of scale-estimation, surface identification, and plane estimation, it will be possible to place smaller items that you’re thinking of buying on top of tables and other pieces of furniture in your own home.

According to Valdsgaard, Ikea’s app will launch with from between 500 to 600 products.

Source: Ikea's plans for ARKit revealed, virtual shopping tool will launch in fall with iOS 11

Recode reports that Apple has just announced that it has hired two top Sony TV executives to run its new Video Programming Division, giving credence to the various Hollywood rumours that Apple is looking to make its own original TV shows and movies.

The two executives, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Vam Amburg, were very well-established at Sony, and were responsible for shows such as Breaking Bad on AMC and Shark Tank on ABC, as well as Justified and The Shield on FX, NBC’s The Blacklist, ABC’s The Goldbergs, and Netflix’ The Crown. They held the position of joint president at Sony, but will report to Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue.

“They are ambitious, talented guys, who want to make a lot of money and want to make their mark on the world,” an industry insider who knows both the men told Recode. “It’s a perfect job for them.”

While Apple has said very little about its plans for TV and movie content-creation to date, hiring two such Sony heavyweights would appear to indicate that Apple has very serious ambitions in this area, and it’s something big enough to entice two top executives away from their position, especially considering that .

Following the announcement of its partnership with Apple in 2014, 9to5 Mac reports that IBM has now launched what it is calling “Garages,” which is a way of creating dedicated physical spaces to help corporations develop MobileFirst iPhone and iPad apps.

"Four years ago, we made enterprise mobility a reality, and we've seen how transformative mobile can be," said Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President, IBM Industry Platforms. "Today, companies are now reigning in mobile faster than ever, creating a critical need for powerful innovations that will reinvent how they do business. We're combining the power of mobile with cognitive and analytics to continue to push the market forward."

IBM’s first Garages for MobileFirst will be in Shanghai and Bucharest, joining the current Bangalore unit.

Since IBM first started the partnership with Apple 3 years ago, it has developed over 100 apps in the first year alone, representing a wide variety of subjects including retail, education, healthcare, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications, insurance, to name but a few, generating “several billion dollars in signings from over 3,800 client engagements.” IBM also named some new high-profile clients that will soon be using MobileFirst apps, such as Lufthansa Group, City Furniture, Singapore Airlines, and Japan Airlines.

You can find out more about IBM’s industry apps here: IBM MobileFirst for iOS - Enterprise Apps

Source: IBM opening ‘Garages’ dedicated to Apple partnership for developing iOS enterprise apps

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