MacRumors reports today that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published an article that is critical of the redesign of Apple’s Control Centre in iOS 11, stating that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are misleading and compromise the security of the user.

According to the EFF, the problem is the way in which the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles in Control Centre in iOS 11 do not deactivate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, but rather, they just disconnect the device from Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth accessories. This means that at 5 a.m. local time, or whenever the device restarts, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are re-enabled. If you want to deactivate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth altogether, you have to go into Settings and disable them there.

Here’s some of what the EFF had to say on the matter.
The EFF said that this “loophole in connectivity” could leave users vulnerable to attacks, and links to a white paper that reveals zero day security holes in modern Bluetooth stacks.

As far as solutions go, the EFF says that Apple should at least ensure that the Control Center toggles off until the user decides to toggle them on again, not automatically.

Source: EFF Says iOS 11's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles in Control Center Are Misleading and Compromise Security

According to a report on AppleInsider, Apple device management company Jamf has partnered with The Bungie Foundation to help make the experience of children in hospital just a little brighter with access to an iPad loaded with special apps.

Game developer Bungie, the company behind Halo and Destiny and Destiny 2, started the program at just one hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, in 2012, and now aims to have the program in children’s hospitals throughout America. As part of the program, Bungie provides the hospitals with all the iPads required and all that is needed in terms of other hardware to run the program, and the hospital does not have to pay a cent. Jamf is responsible for supplying all the mobile device management software.

The content loaded onto the iPads is fully customizable entertainment that is designed to give children a feeling of normalcy in hospital, something to keep them absorbed and entertained and to keep their minds off their illness.
Source: Jamf works with Bungie to improve 'iPad for Kids' program, plans expansion into more hospitals

9to5 Mac reports today on news from Patently Apple that Apple has applied for a patent for a system that can measure a person’s blood pressure using just an Apple Watch with a band containing a special sensor.

Currently, it is only possible to take a person’s blood pressure by using an inflatable cuff that squeezes the arm to cut off circulation and then slowly deflates it, before then measuring the pressure. This time-honoured method does have its drawbacks, however, particularly for those people who suffer from white-coat syndrome, where simply being in the doctor’s office or hospital and feeling the cuff tighten can cause blood pressure to soar, thus preventing an accurate reading.

The patent that Apple published today uses pulse transit time (PTT) to measure blood pressure. This works by detecting the heartbeat, then the pulse at the wrist, and measuring how long it takes to get from the heart to the wrist.
With high blood pressure being the cause of so many diseases, and something that so many people have to monitor in order to prevent anything from kidney disease, strokes, and heart disease, coming up with a way to make this as routine as taking your pulse would be a game-changer for Apple. There are actually already several somewhat controversial apps on the App Store that already claim to do this, but were Apple to come up with a guaranteed method, it would surely carry much more weight.

Sources: Patent describes clever method allowing an Apple Watch to measure blood pressure...

It looks like we could soon be getting the choice of a new browser to use on iOS, with Phone Arena reporting that Microsoft could be about to port its Edge browser to iOS and Android. The sources say that Microsoft Edge will be appearing on mobile platforms before the end of 2017. The same source also says that Edge will come complete with all Bing services, including full page translation.

Edge first appeared as part of Windows 10, and has proved to be much more popular than Internet Explorer, being much faster, for one thing. However, its seamless integration with Windows 10 could be said to be one of its main strengths, so how well it will do when removed from the Windows 10 environment remains to be seen. Edge joins several other browsers currently available to use on iOS, including Apple’s own Safari, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Opera.

Source: Microsoft Edge might land on iOS and Android by the end of 2017

YouTube has today updated its iOS app with a new sharing feature whereby you can much more easily share YouTube videos directly via the Messages app, writes 9to5 Mac.

Prior to today’s update, when you sent someone a YouTube video in Messages, they’d have to click on a link in order to view the video. Now, all you have to do to share a YouTube video directly is to tap the Share button underneath a YouTube video, then select Messages, and then contact that you want to send the video to. Once your contact receives the message containing the YouTube video, they can play it directly through the Messages app without ever having to exit the app. Simply tap the video when its playing in order to go full screen.

Last month, Messages became one of only three such apps that can now use free in-flight Wi-Fi on Delta Airlines flights, which previously used to be a paid service. However, at the moment, only text messages is covered under the free-usage terms, so you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos for free on Delta flights just yet.

Sources: Apple Releases iOS 11.0.2 Update With Fix for iPhone 8 Crackling Earpiece Issue

MacRumors reports that Apple has today released another iOS 11 update with iOS 11.0.2, which is designed to fix, among other things, the crackling iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus earpiece that some users have been experiencing when making phone calls and FaceTime calls.

Up until today’s update, the only way to circumnavigate the issue for those experiencing it has been to use headphones or speakerphone during calls or FaceTime. Now, hopefully, those affected should be able to resume making phone calls in the usual way free from any crackling or sizzling.

Another issue also addressed in today’s update is a problem that could cause some photos to be hidden, as well as a bug where attachments in S/MIME-encrypted emails won’t open.

There is, however, no mention of any fix for the battery drain issues that some owners of older iPhones have been experiencing (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models do not appear to have any battery drain issues), so it will be interesting to see if the update has any effect on these problems.

Sources: Apple Releases iOS 11.0.2 Update With Fix for iPhone 8 Crackling Earpiece Issue

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