The launch of the iPad this weekend is such massive news that everyone seems to be using it as the latest buzz word to draw attention to their message, no matter the relevancy. I’m even thinking about writing an academic paper blaming the iPad for the cancellation of 24 (although the fact that the current series is really awful probably has more to do with it). Greenpeace are the latest special interest group of...
It's time to clean out the kitchen junk drawer and ditch that old thick phone book because the Yellow Page app is making it's way to the iPad. Check out the full press release below:

Avantar, a leader in local mobile search, and a sister company to Yellow Pages Directories, released the Yellow Pages app for Apple's new iPad mobile computer. This release follows the extraordinary success of the Yellow Pages...
Just two more days and the Apple iPad Wi-Fi model will finally be here! To celebrate this historical event and Cimo Technologies will be giving away an iPad Case to four lucky winners! To keep the playing field level, we will select a winner from each timezone. (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific). We are here to help make sure your brand new iPad stays in the best...

Apple is in the news again with another lawsuit but this time on the opposite side. Elan Microelectronics filed a lawsuit against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission on March 30th, 2010. According to PCWorld, the lawsuit deals with the use of multiple fingers on a touch screen device — in other words, multitouch — and looks to prevent the import of any Apple multitouch product into the...

A new report from suggest Apple could be launching the iPad WiFi model April 24th in Canada. According to the article, Apple has marked the weekend of the 24th a "black out period" for staff. Normally these black out dates are set when Apple is launching a new product and wants to make sure all staff is available and working. During this period no vacations are allowed.

Apple began accepting...

Looks like AT&T is in this for the fight of their lives. Clearly they want to show Apple that they can be an exclusive iPhone/iPad network and still keep the network fast enough for these bandwidth intensive devices. Will they succeed? We might find out in June, when the iPhone exclusive contract runs out.

The WSJ did an article on it here:...

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