A report released Friday by the Wall Street Journal indicates that Apple is scrambling to secure last minute content deals just weeks before the iPad release. Most of the negotiations seem to center around the price drop for TV shows to 99 cents from $1.99-$2.99 current pricing.


Steve Jobs is known for changing the landscape of the technology world, but now he's helping to improve the way organ donations are treated with a new bill. This coming week marks his one year anniversary for his liver transplant.


Apple is on the ball folks! Just two weeks before the release of the highly anticipated iPad, Apple has officially invited developers to begin submitting their apps for the grand opening of the iPad App Store. In an email sent to developers, Apple writes:


One really interesting aspect of these heady few weeks before the iPad goes on sale is seeing all the different ways in which companies and developers are using their imagination to tap into its potential. For example, the large, and by all accounts gorgeous, screen obviously lends itself to being the perfect medium for displaying art, much more so than the smaller iPhone/iPod touch.

Digital media company...

Apple is serious about secrecy and security. They have taken it to a whole new level above and beyond what other companies have done in the...

Amazon issued a press release on March 18th announcing the launch of “Kindle for Macâ€, which is obtainable via a free download from ww.amazon.com/kindleformac, and possibly rather surprisingly at the same time stating that Kindle will also be coming to the iPad. Here’s a direct quote from the press release confirming the fact:

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