PGA Tour professional Paul Azinger has already had a lot of success with Apple’s #1 Golf App, Golfshot: Golf GPS, which was the first universal instructional golf app based on actual golfer’s stats. Now he’s unveiled another app for the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch, which is available now for...
[ame=""]YouTube - Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Waiting in Line for the iPad David Letterman HD 1080p[/ame]

The Apple iPad continues to make it's national TV appearances and last night appeared on David Letterman's Late night talk show. His short 2-3 minute review is actually better then some "tech" reviews I've seen over the past few days. His theme for the night was "Top Ten Questions to ask yourself while waiting in line for the iPad"....

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to place a pre-order with Apple and don't have an Apple store close by, your probably thinking of picking up your iPad at a Best Buy store. What if there is more then one nearby? What if the Best Buy is far away and you want to check stock?

Enter Milo.

They keep track of the stock in a large number of retail chains across the country and Best Buy is one of them. You can use...

I read an interesting article on today and it made me think. On this site, we concentrate on why you ARE getting an iPad and what you plan to use it for, but we forget that there are users out there who decided NOT to get an iPad.

I'd like to hear from you users out there to figure out why you decided NOT to purchase one.

In the mean time, if you want to see BoingBoing's reasoning, check out...

Sleekgear has announced a new iPad Dock, that just might be the most wanted accessory for the iPad. The docking station will offer a front Audio port, SD Card Reader and USB connector for a digital camera. This dock will use the standard cable provided by apple to sync or charge. One of the...

For those that have pre-ordered the Apple iPad, by now you should have seen the order status change to "Shipped on: Mar 31, 2010 via UPS" or a similar date. From the order details screen you can track your shipment by clicking on the UPS tracking number. This will give you the arrival and departure times of each...

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