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9to5Mac is reporting that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has apparently confirmed via email that the 3G iPad will be arriving in the US at the end of April as scheduled, and the end of May in the rest of the world. Jobs wrote: “Both models will be released at the end of May. Sorry for the delayâ€, to a European 9to5Mac reader who emailed him asking if the 3G iPads would be released worldwide at the end of May, or if...

It was only a matter of time before the iPad-loving populace started getting really creative with their new devices, and TechCrunch reader Zach Iniguez certainly gets points for inventiveness and romance, techie style! According to Zach’s email to TechCrunch, he actually used his iPad to propose to his girlfriend. After taking her back to the ice cream parlour where they had their first date, Zach told his...

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph today, Apple has posted a job advert on its website for a “quality assurance engineer to work on video and stills capture with the iPad media team.†This innocent little ad has led to a lot of speculation that Apple might be looking to feature a camera in the next version of the iPad, especially since tech experts have already discovered that the iPad has a slot...

Check out this incredible e-book version of Alice in Wonderland from Atomic Antelope, which comes complete with all sorts of interactive features that help to make it so much more than a simple e-book. This really is the sort of thing that so many people were getting excited about before the iPad came out – interactive books that totally involve the reader in the story. For example, to make Alice grow big, you...

As we've discussed on this site plenty of times before (and the Internet has beaten it to death as well) - Apple's decision to require all apps that run on the iPad (and iPhone) be built in Xcode is curious and somewhat ridiculous.

Many chalked it up to Apple wanting control and to make sure that competition (Flash, others) didn't have a chance to really grow on the platforms that Apple controls.... but what...

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