If you are in the Great White North then you are probably used to Rogers giving its users the run-around in regards to Apple pricing. First off, the products up there are simply more expensive... prices are higher, taxes are higher. That's bad enough, but what about when your only viable carrier choice decides to raise the prices on you above and beyond what your brothers in the US pay?

That's kicking a man when...

Although there was quite a lot of discussion right after the iPad was launched about over-priced apps, prices have now started to come down as many predicted would happen, and newer games are being released at lower prices right off the bat. A case in point would be Roswell Fighter HD, an iPhone/iPod touch game that has just been completely revamped and spruced up before being released for the iPad for...

So you’ve got your iPad nicely propped up in your iPad Keyboard Dock, and you’re typing away, and then it occurs to you that you’d really like to be using some sort of mouse, only the iPad doesn’t come with one of course. Well check out this video and step-by-step walkthrough from Redmond Pie that shows you how to use Cydia’s BTstack Mouse app on a jailbroken iPad to operate a Bluetooth-enable mouse. Redmond...

As reported in The Guardian this afternoon, O2 has today announced its data plans for the Apple iPad, which The Guardian points out offer a better daily rate than Orange, which released details of its iPad data tariffs last week.

O2 will be providing three tariffs for its customers:

  • Up to 500MB for £2 per day (contract free)
  • Up to 1GB for £10 per month
  • Up to 3GB for £15 per month
The two...

The sight of a club DJ rocking the dance floor with a MacBook or laptop alongside their turntables is by now a very familiar one to club goers, but could we soon be seeing DJs using iPads instead of laptops or MacBooks as a matter of course?

Dance music website inthemix has a very interesting story featuring American “electro experimentalistâ€, Rana Sobhany, who claims to be the world’s first iPad DJ. On her...

ChannelWeb reports that Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe is predicting that the iPad will have sold approximately 1.5 million units by the end of May, meaning that, with average sales prices being approximately $645, the iPad will probably break the record for the fastest consumer product growth to the $1 billion revenue mark in history. And all this before the iPad has gone on sale anywhere else in the world. Howe...

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