Wired has an excellent article for Apple's (and mainly AT&T's) reasoning for switching SIM card sizes in the Apple iPad. The reason? Money, plain and simple.

The iPhone uses a full sized SIM card and is much smaller then the iPad. So size constraints aren't the reason.

It's quite easy to see that by not allowing you an easy way to switch your SIM card between devices, AT&T can charge you for both the iPhone as well as your iPad and thus increase revenue.

Don't be too upset however as you can modify your existing SIM to fit into the iPad by cutting it down to size, however you will need to buy a converter to then re-upsize it to fit into your iPhone. So all of this wrangling just once again makes it harder on the customer.

More info at the Wired article here: Apple iPad’s Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You | Epicenter |

All eyes are still on Steve these days. Silicon Alley Insider reports that Mr. Jobs has travel to the Big Apple in recent days to meet with the head honchos at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
"We're reliably informed that Jobs showed up for an iPad show and tell in the Times newsroom. The meeting was strictly off the record, though a person present indicated Jobs is preparing to gear up the iPad for magazines and newspapers, having put books first on his list of priorities".
{Source: Silicon Alley Insider}
One would think the US Government has enough on their plate these days. Nope, they'll take a side order of iPad. A new report out suggest the US Government is concerned about the congestion the Apple iPad will cause on wireless networks. Phil Bellaria, a staffer in the Obama administration has recently blogged:
“With the iPad pointing to even greater demand for mobile broadband on the horizon, we must ensure that network congestion doesn’t choke off a service that consumers clearly find so appealing or frustrate mobile broadband’s ability to keep us competitive in the global broadband economy.â€
Hmm.. Don't you think AT&T has thought about this? Do you think Apple would select a wireless carrier to provide service for the iPad if they were not 100% confident they could deliver?

Read the full post here: Message from the iPad: Heavy Traffic Ahead blogband – blog

Just minutes after posting about the cooperation between AT&T and Skype, I learned of another interesting break through. Marketwatch reported that AT&T has open the door for SlingPlayer Mobile to run over 3G. This app allows you to watch and control your home TV and DVR. This app sure would be useful on the iPad!
"Just as we've worked with Sling Media in this instance, we look forward to collaborating with other developers so that mobile customers can access a wider, more bandwidth-sensitive, and powerful range of applications in the future," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Collaboration with developers like Sling Media ensures that all apps are optimized for our 3G network to conserve wireless spectrum and reduce the risk that an app will cause such extreme levels of congestion that they disrupt the experience of other wireless customers. Our focus continues to be on delivering the nation's most advanced mobile broadband experience and giving our customers the widest possible array of mobile applications."

"We're delighted with AT&T's decision to approve the SlingPlayer Mobile app on their 3G network," said John Gilmore, senior vice president and general manager at Sling Media. "SlingPlayer Mobile on AT&T's 3G network gives customers the best experience possible for watching their home TV while on the go."

According to Skype's blog, it may be just a short time before the iPhone version of Skype will work over AT&T's 3G network. Skype also announced they are currently reviewing the iPad and it's specs. We should hear more in the months to come.

Check out a video interview after the jump.

{Source: Skype}

Chalk another one up for Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal publishers, McGraw-Hill Cos, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12, Pearson Education, and Kaplan Inc. have all signed to bring their textbooks to the iPad. ScrollMotion will be the company called upon to provide the technology that will covert the old media to the new e-format.
{Source:Wall Street Journal}

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