And the news just keeps getting better and better for those looking forward to using their iPad as a reader. AppAdvice is reporting that the entire Project Gutenberg catalog will be directly available for free download on the iPad via iBooks. Project Gutenberg is a free online library which features over 30,000 copyright-expired titles. And we’re not talking just any old rubbish here either! A quick glance at...

MacRumors has word that Best Buy will be selling the iPad on launch day, April 3rd, but only at its store-within-a-store locations that sell Apple products. These are the roughly 675 Best Buy locations that have a dedicated Apple products section within them.

Best Buy has no plans at this time to open for business any earlier than usual on that Saturday of the iPad's launch. If you are...

According to a report in The Korea Times, which was picked up by AppleInsider today, Apple has just placed a $240 million order with Samsung Electronics for 3 million iPad displays, according to an anonymous source. The anonymous source also told The Korea Times that the display and touch-screen interface is the iPad’s most expensive component, costing $80 for all models, roughly 5 times as much as the iPhone 3GS...
[ame=""]YouTube - Built by the Factory - iPad/Tablet Magazine Advertising Demo - v2[/ame]

The iPad is going to open up new era in digital advertising and completely change the traditional way of print ads. Check out the video from that displays some of the types of advertising we will likely see with digital Newspapers, Magazines, Books, websites and more viewed from the iPad.

Rumors of pricing for the electronic Wall Street Journal, iPad edition surfaced today. According to engadget a "a person familiar with the matter" says the Journal plans to charge subscribers $17.99 per month for iPad subscriptions -- for comparison, the print version of the WSJ costs $349 for 52 weeks or about $29 per month. Not a bad savings for having it more conveniently delivered and avoiding the morning...
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